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Witness the marriage of two people who love each other a lot and who we know some time ago is a beautiful event. One of the most precious parts of the wedding itself is when the couple agree to unite their lives forever, that is when they become husband and wife.

For this event both the bride and groom and the ceremony witnesses affixed their signatures on the marriage certificate. The newlyweds choose special people to be their witnesses, as are those who have witnessed closer their relationship.

When culminating the religious ceremony, both the bride and groom and their family and friends attend a party to celebrate this big step. It is very usual a congratulation speech from the witnesses to the newlyweds. Following, we show a few examples of congratulation speeches of a wedding witness.

Example No. 1 of a congratulation speech of a wedding witness:

Kind attendees:

Today we gather to share the joy felt by this beautiful couple for their wedding. I am very happy because I have been selected to witness this union.

I wish to express my cordial greetings to the new married couple, I know awaits them much happiness as they are deeply in love for a long time , they really love and care each other , that is why has motivated them to take this important step.

I was glad when I heard they were getting married because they both look very happy together, and my happiness was greater when I was asked to witness their marriage. You will enjoy great happiness in your lives.

I appreciate you both a lot because you are my friends and very great people. May love reign in your family always and patience to solve all the difficulties that arise. Be happy today and always dear friends!

Example No. 2 of a congratulation speech of a wedding witness:

Dear guests:

I speak to you to express my feelings for this great event. We are here to celebrate with the couple performing one of his greatest dreams: Getting to the altar to join their lives in marriage.

I wish to express my congratulations to the bride and groom for their beautiful wedding and show that love is real. I am honored to be the witness of this beautiful wedding because I have a great affection to them both.

I’ve known a long time ago , since they were just friends, but something was telling me that one day they would end up together.

Getting here was not easy for them because they have had to overcome many problems that were presented in their way, which is further proof that truly love really exist and they will be always together.

In this day, they have contracted marriage with the blessing of God. They are very happy because love would be the foundation of the happy marriage they will have forever. I wish prosperity always accompany them. Congratulations to the lovely couple.

We hope that these examples of wedding congrats for witnesses would serve you as a guide to help you create your own speech. It is recommended that this speech would not be very extensive. Come back for more letters, speeches, messages or phrases. We renovate this website constantly.

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