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Engineers’ salaries in Europe

What is the best Engineering job to have?

Professionals in various fields of engineering are highly sought after in many countries. In Europe there is a high demand for engineers and technicians.

In Germany, England, France, Spain, Holland engineers are in demand to work in public and private companies. These professionals have the most attractive market salaries. Which engineering specialties are the best paid in the old continent?

In this article we show which engineers are those who receive higher wages in Europe, what are the most requested specialties and countries with higher demand for these professionals.

Average Engineer salary in England

Petrochemical engineers and engineers with expertise in hydrocarbons are those who receive the highest remuneration in this country.

These professionals are in demand to work in extraction plants and receive an annual salary of € 68,000 approximately, depending on their experience and knowledge.

Other areas of engineering that are required in large companies are engineering and software systems, and earn an annual salary ranging from € 60,000 to € 62,000.

Do Engineers get paid well in Germany ?

The industrial sector of this European country focuses on the automotive field, manufacturing machinery and plastics production. Mechanical engineers and industrial engineers are in high demand in these sectors.

Major companies located in Munich, Hamburg, Bremen and Frankfurt are offering higher salaries to engineers and other professionals.

Which Engineering job pays the most in France ?

The food industry is one of the highlights. Agronomy engineers and industrial engineers earn salaries approximately € 54,000. They are in high demand in companies involved in food processing. Moreover, nuclear engineers receive an average pay € 56,000 per year.

What are the highest paid Engineering jobs in Holland ? 

Just as in England, higher salaries engineers are chemical engineers and petrochemical. These professionals are hired to work in gas extraction companies, which are in the north, in the city of Slochteren. Engineers of these two areas get a salary of € 48,000 per year. Agronomy is one of the activities that promote exports in the Netherlands. An agricultural engineer earns about € 45,000 a year.

What Engineers get paid the most in Spain ?

The electricity sector is one of the most important in Spain. For this reason, most sought professionals are chemical engineers and environmental engineers.

At present, Spain is the number one producer in the world of energy from the sun. A chemical engineer gets paid approximately € 46,000 per year and in the meantime an environmental engineer earns about € 48,000 annually. Mechanical engineers who work in the automotive and aeronautics earn about € 45,000 a year.

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