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Love messages to share
with your beloved one

Best romantic WhatsApp messages for boyfriend

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We should not have to wait for a big event to express the love we fill for the person we share our lives with; this is something that we should be doing every single day.

Therefore, today we have brought a series of lovely messages that you can share with your beloved one to show him/her just how much he/she means to you. Let there be love!Thank you for giving me your love WhatsApp messages

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:: “You are the woman for me, I knew it when I saw you for the first time and I reiterate it now, after all these years together. I love you, darling”.

:: “I think of you when I open my eyes in the morning, I wonder how you are, what you are doing, if you think of me too. You are the nicest thing that happened to me and I love you so much”.

:: “I want you to know that you can count on me, forever and for anything, no matter the size of the problem, I want to be the person who is always by your side. I love you forever”.

:: “I know we only saw each other a few hours ago, but I wanted to tell you that I miss you already. I think about you constantly and cannot wait to see you again. I adore you”.Sweet and touching I love you Whatsapp text messages

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:: “I am staying by your side; even if it rains, even if the world falls down, you are my one and only. I will love you forever”.

:: “Love by your side is like a holiday, filled with magic and happiness. Thanks for being with me, you are all I ever wanted”.

:: “If someone asked me what I want, I would say that I want you in a heartbeat, because there is nothing better for me than being with you”.

:: “Every day I spend with you is a new adventure. I just wanted you to know how special you are for me. I love you with all my heart”.

:: “You make me want to be better every day and you are always challenging me; I think that what we share is the truest form of love”.Cute & romantic texts to send by Whatsapp

Best tender love messages for Her

:: “When I look at you, I know instantly that I have made the right choices in my life. Thanks for your love and tenderness, my darling”.

:: “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, my dear. Thanks for sharing your life with me, I promise to always make you happy”.

:: “Our love knows no limits or obstacles, for it is noble and true. Thank for your kindness and being the way you are. I love you”.

:: “My love for you keeps growing as each day goes by. You and I will always be together, I can feel it in my guts”.

:: “Feeling grateful towards life for giving me the best partner I could find. Love you, dear”.Download I miss you Whatsapp love text messages

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:: “When I see your eyes looking out for mine, I know that I always want to find you in a crowd and know that you’re looking for me too”.

:: “Sometimes I have a hard time understanding how I got so lucky, but your actions show me that your love is true and one of a kind”.

:: “The wind blowing in my face is nothing but a reminder of the way you make me feel, free and alive. I love you, baby, never forget that”.

:: “You and I against the world, my darling. Nothing will ever be able to break us apart, you have my word. I love you”.

:: “Just you and I, that is all I could possible ask for. Spending time with you feels like a blessing, my dear, thanks for everything. Love you”.Romantic phrases you should say to your love

Deep love messages to express
how you really feel

:: “You make me feel invincible, like I can take over anything. Thanks for always believing in me, I really appreciate it. I will always love you, sweetheart”.

:: “I know it might seem strange when I pass my time staring at you, is just that I cannot real help it. You are a vision, dear”.

:: “My heart beats only for you, honey. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found such a special lady. Thanks for everything”.

:: “My love for you grows stronger every single day, I can feel it in my chest, just expanding and taking over my whole being. I really love you”.

Go ahead and start sending these beautiful and lovely messages to your beloved.

You will see that they will have an amazing impact on them and that he/she will really appreciate such a tender proof of affection coming from you.

We hope to see you again soon; remember that we are always updating our site to bring you the best content!I love you my Princess romantic messages

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