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Everyone is amazed when a year ends and we welcome another one because we are happy expecting the nice things life has in store for us, such as making more money, getting a date or being healthy. It’s heartwarming to know that we will enjoy new experiences in our lives, achieve our dreams, meet new challenges and to forget unpleasant things.

Furthermore, we have to enjoy this coming year to be next to our family and colleagues, seizing the time we have together with them. In this year that is about to end we need to send our greetings to our loved ones so they can have a year full of good vibes and hope that this will be a better year.

Send one of these phrases through social networks or through an SMS, the main thing is that you greet them. In this section we’ll show you some phrases that you can dedicate to the people you love most.

Free List of beautiful phrases for New Year:

:: “It’s time to have optimistic thoughts and put aside all the uncomfortable things of the passing year, let’s start a new phase in our lives and let’s surrounds ourselves with good vibes. Happy New Year”.
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:: “God gives us a new opportunity to be happy and feel blessed. Let us strive to meet and achieve our goals, I hope 2013 is full of prosperity for you”.
Category :Beautiful New Year phrases
:: “I wish you much success for 2013 and you know you can count on me for anything, today and forever. Congratulations on this coming year”.
Category :Beautiful New Year phrases
:: “If things were not very good this year, it doesn’t matter, you have another chance for happiness in the coming year, everything is possible if you have it in mind first, I hope you have a year full of happiness”.
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:: “We have every reason to be happy, especially for the opportunity to do new things, so let’s have a positive attitude at all times, Happiness for 2013!”
Category :Beautiful New Year phrases
:: “I hope that in the coming year you can get everything that you propose. My best wishes for you and your family in this coming year, partner”.
Category :Beautiful New Year phrases
:: “I will not regret this passing year as it was the one in which we were introduces, but there’s no doubt next year will be much more successful because we will enjoy incredible situations that will make us very happy. Happy New Year 2013”.
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:: “It makes me sad to think that you will not be by my side this New Year like every year, many miles are between us, but from here I send you my love and my best wishes. I wish you much happiness and prosperity for this New Year”.
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:: “Receiving a year with our loved ones cannot be compared with anything, I wish you wholeheartedly that you are surrounded by your family and friends to welcome 2013. I express my best wishes, have a blat. Happy New Year 2013”.
Category :Beautiful New Year phrases

We hope you’ve liked these greetings for the end of the year, be sure to dedicate them to your family and friends, they will get happy to know that you have them in mind and wish them the best.

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