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All women have a friend to which they can tell her everything and trust some secrets only to her. It is always important for women to receive an answer or advice from her best friend in order to have the confidence to do their best in many situations. In this way, is the only way someone can withstand any unfortunate situation.

All the time you spend with your best friend and all the advices and help you have received have to recompensed at least with some words of gratitude. Let her now you are thankful to her and you have great moments at her side. Get a smile from your best friend sending her one or many of these phrases for Facebook which are the most used lately.

Free list of nice phrases to my best friend:

:: “Rose, I’m happy and surprised by your attitude the other day in front of all those people. I also surprised myself because you motivated me to raise my voice and speak what I had in mind. Being sincere, being with you is one of the greatest thing ever. I feel I can trust you everything. I hope that we are always together”.
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:: “What would I have become without you that critical day. Seriously, I appreciate every second you were accompanying me in a sad moment. You are a great person and I owe you many things I’ve learned to live better. I love you, let’s never separate”.
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:: “Rita, I never told you before, but I love so much to spend time with you, because you listen to me and you give me a great advice. The things that we laugh at, only we could understand. We communicate very well and I hope that there will be always a wonderful chemistry that keeps us happy together”.
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:: “Do not hesitate a second if you need to contact me whenever you want. I’m here to help you and give you my full support when you need it. I wish that what we have lived together remains us together”.
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:: “Many things have changed since we met until today, drawings, games, cuts, gossip, everything has changed, but we’re still so close and it is something you can only a real friendship. We actually have understood the meaning of being friends. Now with facebook we can be further communicated and keep in touch more often. Remember, we will be always together for everything”.
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:: “Today is the 10th anniversary since I met you, I remember that wonderful day when you defended me with from critical, you were a real person of integrity who knew how to handle the situation and I will always be grateful for that. I love you and I hope we can see each other more often”.
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:: “How not to be proud of a woman like you, so strong and always smiling, with her head held high, encouraging everyone, not letting anyone fall and always giving such as good advices. You are an exceptional person and I’ll always wish that life fills you with success and fulfillment. Keep your smile because you change people perspective”.
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Send these messages to your best friends, so you’ll see how glad their day will become and how much your friendship increases every time. Come back soon for more quotes for different occasions.

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