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If there is a guy you like very much, chances are you are finding out all about him, for example the places he frequents, who his friends are, what his favorite music is, among other things. Well then there is also a very important fact that can help you determine his way of being, and it is through the zodiacal signs. So in this section we discuss about men born under the sign of Scorpio and it will be your guide to learn how to understand them.

To start we will give you a little information. If you want to know if a person is born under this sign you have to know if his birthday is between the 24th of October and the 22nd of November. Some general features of people with this sign are a very high taste for risk situations and danger. They are people who like mysteries, have a good understanding and have the courage to act at the right time. They are also very curious and so one of their weaknesses are the unknown and mysterious things.

Among other features we can say that Scorpio guys are not carried away by the appearance of things and have such a strong personality that they are not easily influenced. They adore finding hypotheses and answering themselves about things they do not understand and therefore they do not stop before any problem. Another important feature is that they can impose things. They do not like to follow the orders of others, they much rather prefer giving them and do not measure the consequences of their actions when they try to manipulate others to get what they want.

They are capable of loving intensely their loved ones and so give themselves completely to their partner and therefore expect to be reciprocated in the same way. However, they are people who love independence and have a hard time making major changes to please others. Remember that they love to keep everything under control, they known themselves very well and do not like other people who are constantly telling them what they should do.

Something Scorpio guys love is to show off an image that highlights their physical and mental strength, so they do not like to show their feelings when they are hurt because they would be showing weakness, and even when they fall in love they do not act out immediately but it will take them a while to accept what they feel. So do not give up if apparently he does not for all the signals that you give him but if you have patience you will be able to start a relationship with him and enjoy the intensity of his love.

Also you have to consider that Scorpio guys like things straight forward and are people who are inclined to either side of the scale, or in other words, that do not accept middle terms or weak positions. That is why they may seem to be very possessive and even seem a little more jealous than usual. Never deceive him nor lie to him because you will not want to get to know his strongest side.

In conclusion we will say that despite the toughness and strength of Scorpio guys, if you faithfully give him your unconditional love, they will know how to reward you in a way that no other guy from another zodiacal sign would.

The strengths of Scorpio guys are independence, pride, insight, strength and creativity. And his weaknesses are jealousy, vanity, resentment and irritability.

Use this guide to learn how to reach the hearts of Scorpio guys and know in advance what precautions you must take and finally have in consideration that the zodiacal signs speak to us about predispositions in people that do not necessarily apply, as ultimately it is life the one that shapes us and creates differences between us. For this reason, people born under a zodiacal sign share certain general aspects but may have different behaviors.

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