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To begin, it is important to make a difference between a vision and a mission. The mission is related to your professional purpose, for example is related to the work you do and for whom you do it. When you make your mission statement you should think about the current time.

The vision, however, has to do with the future and is closely related to your purpose as a professional, allows you to set what will be your main goal. To buikd the idea of what could be your vision it will be of great help to read the mission you have set and wondering, “following this mission, what will I become in the future?”.

If you’re a columnist, your mission can be to write the best columns, being objective and above all very fair. Also keep in mind that you will be very satisfied with the delivery of your columns. If you think in your vision, this could be become the director of a local renowned national and why not international publication

If you are a lawyer you could set as your mission, providing a comprehensive service to your defended, respect the privacy of these and seek first the fulfillment of justice. You could also make note that you want to handle all cases ethically and with complete impartiality. Your vision could be building your own legal clinic in which you can count with a team of the best lawyers.

If you are a professional related to your health science, your mission could be seeing your patients in a more human way, thinking of his welfare making all necessary studies to make the correct diagnosis and thus provide an effective treatment. Your vision might be to specialize in a particular field, work in a reputable hospital and even have your own Medical Center.

If you have a career that is related to the economy and managing your mission might be to use all the resources available to the company or organization to optimize results. As a vision you could think about having your own assessment office or even you own business.

If you are a professional psychologist your main mission could be to help your patients achieve having a healthy lifestyle that allows them to enjoy emotional stability, respecting the wishes and beliefs of each. As vision could be becoming the area director of psychology at a major hospital and even have your own office.

If you’re an engineer, thinking about your mission you could consider being a successful professional highlighting your work and reaching the best results for the company for which you work. In your view you could consider creating your own business or developing an invention and market it.

If you are a Certified Public Accountant your mission might be to use all resources the company provides you to keep the accounting updated taking a complete record of financial transactions and reports to give assertive reports which lead the company to a bright future. Your vision might be to create your own accounting office and provide advice to many companies.

With the examples we have given you might clear the idea of what is a mission and a vision. Now is your turn to create your own mission and set your vision. You will see that in this way you will have a successful future and you will become a successful professional.

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