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Goodnight phrases
for BoyfriendDownload best good Night love messages

Looking for best cute Goodnight phrases for Boyfriend , Goodnight my love messages , romantic Goodnight phrases for Whatsapp , what’s the best goodnight text ? .

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings that people can experience. During the day we think much about the person we love, but by evening these thoughts are more intense. Tell your love that you want her to pass a good night giving a very loving message.

In this section we present a list of good night greetings to the beloved. Check our list and choose the one you like most, your partner will love to be surprised with one of these beautiful messages.Sweet Dreams darling love messages

Sweet Goodnight phrases
for Boyfriend

:: “Sleep tight my love; I hope tonight you dream with the angels. I love you so much and I want you to remember that you’re the best that I have, good night”.
Category : Goodnight phrases for Boyfriend

:: “Every night I look at the sky and I get to think that our love is as infinite as it is the space. I would like to give you a sweet kiss of goodnight and wish you to dream of a wonderful world where only you and I exist. I love you so much my Princess”.
Category : Goodnight phrases for Boyfriend

:: “Today was a wonderful day with you, every time we had remains engraved in my heart. Rest well my beloved boyfriend, I will come to your dreams to make you very happy”.
Category : Goodnight phrases for Boyfriend

:: “I send you a big kiss for you to have sweet dreams, my love. I wish to be present in your mind while you sleep to feel the happiest of all men”.
Category : Goodnight phrases for BoyfriendSweet & romantic good night messages for girlfriend for Whatsapp

Goodnight love phrases

:: “I would love to be your teddy for you to hold me while you sleep, I would be very happy. Sleep tight my love, tomorrow we expect many amazing things and I will be by your side to make you smile”.
Category : Goodnight love phrases

:: “I send you a sweet kiss on those precious lips. I adore you my beloved prince. I hope you have sweet dreams. I love you my love”.
Category : Goodnight love phrases

:: “You are always present in my dreams my Princess, there’s no night that I do not dream about you. I want you to imagine that for every star in heaven I give you a kiss. Rest my love”.
Category : Goodnight love phrases

:: “What I would like is to hold you with all my heart and give you many kisses before you go to sleep. Never forget you are always in my thoughts and the most important thing in my life is your happiness. Good night my love”.
Category : Goodnight love phrasesFree download good night love cards with romantic quotes for Whatsapp

Goodnight love quotes

:: “The only thing I want to ask you my love is to dream with me. I like you very much and every day I feel this love that joins us stronger, have sweet dreams”.
Category : Goodnight love quotes

:: “If I had wings I would fly to you to kiss you and keep you warm. We would be one and would embrace love and so we would spend all night. I go to sleep and dream of you because you are the most wonderful thing life has given me. Have a good night my love”.
Category : Goodnight love quotes

:: “Every night before I go to sleep I pray to God to give me happiness to see you the next day. I hope you have sweet dreams and angels join you while you sleep. I love you so much my Princess”.
Category : Goodnight love quotes

:: “I miss you, my love and what I want is to kiss your pretty mouth, but since I can’t do it, I can only send you this message to make you feel all my love. Have a good night”.
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Sweet dreams my love
quotes for Him

:: “Goodnight love, when you’re sleeping I pray for you to dream of us and when you wake up those dreams become reality. I love you my Princess and I send you a big kiss”.
Category : Sweet dreams love quotes

:: “The nights are cold if you’re not by my side. Right now I cannot see you, but I wish so much that you can enter in my mind while I sleep to dream of you. May you have sweet dreams my love, tomorrow will be very special because we will enjoy our relationship”.
Category : Sweet dreams love quotes

:: “The best dreams are those in which you are present. On this beautiful night I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart and I hope you can sleep peacefully. Always remember that you’re the one who gives meaning to my life”.
Category : Sweet dreams love quotes

:: “Tonight I will be taking care of you while you sleep and when I go to sleep I’ll dream with you. I always ask God to bless us to be together because I love you and you love me too. Goodnight my love”.
Category : Sweet dreams love quotesDownload best good night love messages and images

Romantic Goodnight messages

:: “Always remember that before I go to sleep I think of how lucky I am to have your love and even if it seems an exaggeration, there is no night when I do not dream of you. Rest my love, though the distance separates us our love unites us”.
Category : Romantic Goodnight messages

:: “Do not be distressed because I’m not with you, within a few days we will return, just close your eyes and imagine the time. The love I feel for you will not change anything, you have a good night my love, dream of me”.
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We want these messages of goodnight have been to your liking. Go ahead and dedicate them through SMS or social networks. To your partner it will be a very beautiful detail.Sweet good night love messages

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