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When someone very dear to us leaves this world, a deep sadness takes over us, because knowing that life is like this, that we live and then we die, it is very difficult to assimilate that we will not see that person ever again.

If you know of someone who is going through a similar circumstance, it is always good for you to show your affection through words of sympathy. In this article we offer you a series of condolence texts for people who need them, do not forget to give them your personal touch.

Free examples of condolences texts:

:: “I am so sorry for all you are going through, dear friend. Never forget that I will always be with you in the most difficult moments and I will always support you. God bless her and take care of her as she is already by her side. I hope God enlightens your path so that you find resignation”.
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:: “I feel very sorry for the loss of your brother, I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling right now, seeing you so sad breaks my soul dear friend. You know you can always count on me and I will always be willing to help you and your family because I love you all”.
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:: “No one is prepared to live through these difficult times. You know that I will always be by your side if you need me. May the Lord bless you and your family”.
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:: “God will always bless us with His infinite love, although sometimes we do not know how to interpret his actions. He has now called his little sister to be by his side in heaven”.
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:: “Sometimes life brings us difficult situations, but it is in these times that we must draw our full strength. The most difficult moments require some time and the support of people around you to be overcome. You know you can count with me anytime”.
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:: “I want to give you my most sincere condolences, dear friend. I would like to diminish the pain you are feeling right now, but I know that it is very difficult to deal with these circumstances. You just need to calm down and think that life goes on”.
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:: “I wish I can express through this text all the sadness that this terrible news has brought me. Our families have always been very close and we feel your loss as if it were our own. You know you can count on us whenever you want. God bless you”.
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:: “May God enlighten your path in these difficult times. I know that it is very difficult to overcome the loss of someone so dear, but you are a family that is very close and supports each other, so I am sure you will overcome this tragedy very soon. Please count on me for anything you need”.
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We are sure that these texts will be very helpful for all the people who need the support of the people around them to overcome a very difficult time. Do not forget that simple words can ease the pain or improve the life of someone by letting them know that everything will be fine after a tragedy like this. We hope you come back soon to our website. See you soon.

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