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Do you dream of going to France? Do you wonder which places you would have to go to? In France, tourism is an activity that could require more than one life time, so in this article, we are going to review different destinations that you cannot be forgotten and that under no circumstances can be left out form your tour in France.

Well, in any travel guide you will be able to find that the French regions with the highest number of tourists are the Ile de France (Paris region commonly known as one of the most populated ones in Europe), Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, and Rhone Alpes, and also the most frequented places by the great mass of tourists, highlighting the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Georges Pompidou Centre and the Palace of Versailles, among other great destinations.

Now is the time to learn further than that and starting to think of destinations that can let us know and meet the best of France. This list is not going to be complete, due to the length of the article, but it is enough just to amaze the eyes and heart:

1. The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, founded in the XII century, Fontevraud is a UNESCO World Heritage. Considered to be one of the largest monastic cities in Europe, its prodigious size and architecture are impressively breath – taking.

2. The Loire region is one of the main farmer areas in France and it presents a majestic countryside just waiting to be explored by bicycle. For more details, go to the following web site:

3. In the French Mediterranean, in the Cote d’Azur, a stop is Nice is a must, where, apart from the magnificent beaches, you cannot miss the following places: Cours Saleya, the most popular market in Nice (it is a great mix between stalls, relaxing cafe bars and some of the greatest restaurants in town); Cimiez, is a residential suburb (where you wilbe able to find Roman ruins and modern buildings coexisting in harmony).

4. Le Puy du Fou is a theme park located in a forest of 50 hectares next to the Renaissance castle ruins of Puy du Fou. It consists of the Great Park and the Cinéscénie. It is the fourth theme park with more visits throughout France, with nearly 2 million visitors, just in the European summer of 2009.

5. Mount Saint Michel, the most impressive of France. It is a rocky island that houses a majestic medieval abbey, and that has the distinction of being flooded at high tide, giving the impression that the buildings are floating in the ocean. More than 3 million tourists visit this place annually.

6. Toulouse, the pink city (named for the large number of brick buildings) has places like the Pech David park (which offers a magnificent panoramic view of the place), Neuf bridge (engineering relic of the sixteenth century).

And if after going to those place, you still have energy, I recommend walking around the streets of France, you will find museums as curious as unusual, bordering on the absurd and exaggeration of the weird, such as:

– Mustard Museum. Located in Dijon, famous worldwide for the preparation of this universal sauce. In this museum you will be able to see the different processes to get the packaged product from raw materials.

– Puzzle Museum, this museum hilarious performed to great acclaim, the play of many generations. Are exposed more than 3000 types of puzzles. Visit the following web site: for a sample of the collection on display.

Finally, a trip or tour through France cannot be lost, either by traditional tourism or experiencing the real traveler adventure. Dare and experience, not fear, adventure is waiting for you.


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