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Studying undergraduate courses, master’s degrees or doctorates at a university in Spain or in the United States without leaving your country of origin, without giving up your job and family is something many of us would like, because it would mean access to first world education in online universities.

The option of an online university education depends on the decision of each university to present its offer of degree courses online. Preferably, online universities are offering mostly graduate and doctoral studies, but are also increasingly offering undergraduate studies as well.

A fundamental requirement in order to be able to access these universities is having completed secondary education or the International Baccalaureate. It also needs the applicant to fulfill technical requirements, such as having a particular computer and Internet access capability.

Education is through personalized interactive classes and tutors. Online education provision is officially recognized as degree-granting university with the same value as those obtained in face to face lessons.

In Spain, the leader universities that we can consult through the web are the Open University of Catalonia, the Open University in Madrid and the Universidad International de la Rioja, which grant official diplomas valid in Spain and communities conforming to the European Union. In the U.S., we have the online version of the University of Phoenix as the most significant college.

The Open University of Catalonia, better known as the Oberta University of Catalonia, is a private university that offers classes in both, Catalan and Spanish, whose website is the following:

It is well known for its interactivity, flexibility, personalized teaching and for been easily accessed. It offers undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in the fields of health, economics, business management, law, arts and computer science. It also covers language courses.

The Open University of Madrid known as UDIMA, is a private university that offers online education and has achieved its target age range over 25 years and over 45 years to understand that the conditions are so different. More information is obtained on its Web:

The International University of La Rioja, is another private university that offers graduate and online graduate courses. You can find more information on its website

In the U.S., we have the University of Phoenix’s online university, considered to be the leader in the field of online universities and is intended for workers who wish to study without leaving their work. You can find more information in this website: -of-phoenix/

It’s good to know also that many traditional universities have already established online campus for graduate study primarily in the case of Spain, where we have the Complutense University of Barcelona, Salamanca and the National Distance Education.

All these universities have Web pages accessible to both students and visitors and the software used for teaching is easy to understand and friendly for users, allowing them to be satisfied with the outcome.

For Hispanics it is advisable to access the Spanish universities, because their courses are taught in Spanish; on the other hand, in American universities courses are offered only in English so it ends up constituting a limiting factor for those who do not speak the language.

Also, the quality of their courses provided by online universities can be known through rankings or reading the opinions that exist on the Web on these universities by their current or former students. Social networks like Facebook and twitter are appropriate places to investigate.

Studying online is not necessarily cheap, so to choose a college online is necessary to find out what costs it implies, if there are any scholarships available, if other organisms grant scholarships that are applicable, etc.


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