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In 2011 Twitter has had an amazing success. This social network is considered an essential tool to spread news and share web events. Twitter is a direct way to communicate with famous people we want to follow, and it is possible because many politicians, artists and sports people have an account on this social community.

In several places, Twitter has been used to summon to political meetings and reunions fast. Twitter has many benefits for its users, but there are more social networks. Among the best known are Facebook, Google plus, MySpace, Hi5, Tuenti and Orkut, and the work very much like Twitter does.

Here you will learn more about Twitter and other social networks on internet. You will discover their similarities and characteristics.


Twitter is not only used as an internet place to locate friends and people in general, but mostly because of its fast information.

One of its main characteristics is that up to 140 characters can be used to write a message, which makes it known as the “internet SMS”. Like Facebook, it can be used on cell phones, and this depends on which country you use it from. For more information visit


Facebook is the favorite social network for young people, and it has the most members around the world. Unlike Twitter, Facebook allows to write messages with more than 140 characters.

With Facebook we can share photographs and events, comment, share videos, chat and grade contents we like.

Currently, almost all trademarks have a Facebook community, because they are aware that this network has millions of visitors daily. Visit and learn all its advantages at


On internet there is also Hi5. Although Facebook is now far more popular, Hi5 still interests many young people and teenagers.

In this social space a profile can be designed with creativity and originality. Many colors and styles can be included, and there can be a musical introduction for our visitors.

A disadvantage for Hi5 is that browsing is usually interrupted by spam. Despite that, Hi5 still ranks among the most used social networks on internet. Visit


Many artists use MySpace to be well known. Several music groups use it be known and advertise new products. Like other social networks, we can share videos and photos, contact friends and post events.

One of its main characteristics is that MySpace accounts can be attached to Facebook accounts. Like the social networks mentioned above, it can be used from a cell phone, but it depends on your geographical location. To learn more, visit

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