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Facebook is the social network with most members around the world. It helps us contact our friends and share our mood and general status. On Facebook there is a chat space where we can talk with our friends if they are connected.

Also, it has a wall where messages and all kinds of phrases can be sent to our network. Facebook is very popular with young people, and many friendships have started, groups and associations with common interests have been organized and some have even found love there.

Now that virtually almost anything can be done, love cannot be out of the question. In social networks like Facebook, many people find each other daily, know each other better and end up falling in love.

Here are some characteristics about what it means to find love in Facebook.

True or False:

Granted, a love relationship between people who have actually met and a relationship between people who know each other only on the internet are not the same. But that does not mean the latter does not have a sentimental side.

When a couple walks holding hands and are not afraid to express their love in front of others, they are two people who share their mutual love. Instead, most people who meet on Facebook have never actually met, and send each other messages and funny phrases with a lot of nice words to express their affection on their couple’s wall.

Very often they use love photos or drawings so all their network friends know about their relationship.

With or without courage:

Is it worthwhile or functional to have a relationship on Facebook? The answer depends on what you are looking for in a relationship. If you want to meet someone and eventually date, it might work. Remember you must beware of people on internet. You should choose someone with references from a friend of yours.

If you already know them, Facebook can help you a lot. Some people are shy when they are face to face with the chosen one, and cannot express all their feelings. This is not the case on Facebook, and it might be easier to express feelings.

Insurance policy:

Is there a security in starting a relationship on Facebook? There is no such thing, it there are chances it might happen. Many Facebook members think that the chosen one for a relationship looks exactly the same as they do on their photographs.

Many are disappointed when they meet. Conversely, many people who fall in love on the internet decide to meet in person and discover they are meant for each other.

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