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excellent speechs for secretaries, tips to write a speech for a secretary, free advises to write a speech for a secretaryThe secretaries play an important role in business given that the success in achieving the latter’s objectives is partly due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of secretaries.

Among the functions that a secretary takes lead we can find that the agenda of the Heads, remind them about their meetings and other important meetings, in this way they indirectly help to make the best decisions.

If we think about how would it be a company without the work of the secretaries we would realize that there would be chaos and disorder in the administrative part and that the company would fall into failure.

For this reason we must show our gratitude for their hard work, we should make them realize that they are important to us and that the company values the work they performed.

During the year there are opportunities in which we highlight the work of the secretariats and pay homage to their work and the best way is through a discourse delivered at a meeting of tribute to the secretaries.

To assist you in writing your speech we bring you two examples that will be of much help, check them, customize and use them to honour these important workers of the company.

Example 1 of a speech for a secretary:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here to pay tribute to all secretaries that are part of our business and who are doing important work, without which our work life would be very complicated. Thanks to their efforts and dedication we have made progress as a company.

We want to show our gratitude to all our secretaries, thank you for your loyal service, kindness and especially patience. I acknowledge that dealing with bosses is not easy because due to the hustle of the work added to the stress of our work, they can deny us, but our secretaries help us solve our problems and look at things from another perspective.

I want to thank especially Rosaura, my secretary, who has helped me to organize the work of the office and constantly reminds me of the things I have pending. Thanks for having patience and understand me. Undoubtedly, behind a successful leader there is an efficient secretary.

I conclude by saying that on this special day for all secretaries, all staff of the company would like to congratulate and wish them every success in their lives. Thanks for all you do.”

Example 2 of a speech for a secretary:

Perseverance, efficiency, commitment and responsibility are words that define you. Today is a very special day for the secretaries, those women who always help us in our daily work, those women who make all work well and provide us tranquility and order, those women with good humor and kindness who are able to make us smile and lift our spirits.

On this special day we congratulate Nubia, Secretary of our office for all your daily work and sacrifice, we thank you for your commitment to the company and for their unconditional support.

Truly, a secretary like you is unique and irreplaceable, you are a person committed to your work for that reason we expect you to stay with us for so many years from now. Thank you very much, Nubia, for your service to our company. “

You can make your speech more entertaining if it included any funny stories that you remember that you have been through with the secretaries. Use either of these speeches and secretaries will be very excited.

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