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 Secretary’s Day
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The Secretaries play an important role in business given that the success in achieving the latter’s objectives is partly due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the work of secretaries.

Work would not be as easy nor breezy if we did not have the help and support of our dear secretary, who is always there making sure everything goes as great as possible for us, organizing our appointments, aiding us with our requirements and, sometimes, even hearing us out when we feel like talking. Use these beautiful greetings for your secretary on her day.administrative professionals day quotes

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Secretary’s Day greetings

:: “Thank you very much for your great work and everything you do to make my days easier and fun. Happy Secretary’s Day!”.

:: “I wish you a Happy Secretary’s Day! Things at the office would not be the same if you were not here; your work is essential for us!”.

:: “Happy Secretary’s Day! I hope you are happy to be working with us, because we are more than pleased with everything you do. Thank you!”.

:: “Wishing you a beautiful Secretary’s Day! May all your dreams come true. Thank you for always doing a marvelous job!”.download best Secretary's Day cards

Secretary’s Day wishes

:: “We would not be able to spend a day without you in this office, so thank you for your great support and charisma. Happy Secretary’s Day!”.

:: “We have had other secretaries before, but none like you. You are incomparable! Happy Secretary’s Day and we hope you have a blissful day!”.

:: “Congratulations on your day! May all the happiness in the world be with you at all times. You truly are one of a kind!”.

:: “Your efficiency has allowed us to optimize the work we do and we are really grateful about it. Wishing you a beautiful Secretary’s Day!”.download free adminstrative professionals day ecards

Happy Secretary’s Day phrases

:: “Happy Secretary’s Day! You have managed to keep us working like a clock and we really appreciate you doing so. Thank you very much!”.

:: “Your intuition has served you well during your years working with us, because you always seem to be able to know exactly what we need. Happy Secretary’s Day!”.

:: “The commitment you have shown towards your job is remarkable and we wanted to make sure you knew it is much appreciated. Happy Secretary’s Day!”.

:: “Congratulations for being the best secretary ever! Take the day off to enjoy a little bit of free time relaxing. Wishing you the best on your day!”.find free administrative professionals & Secretary's Day wishes

Happy Secretary’s Day messages

:: “The work you do is remarkable and we could not be happier with everything you do and your contributions to our day to day. Happy Secretary’s Day!”.

:: “Secretaries are a key element in every office, and we can honestly say that you are everything we ever wished to have in one. Wishing you a great Secretary’s Day!”.

:: “Happy Secretary’s Day to the best one here! You make our days better with your great work, so keep it coming!”.

:: “At first I was reluctant to hire a secretary but then you made all my fears fade, because you are the best there is. Happy Secretary’s Day!”.find best Secretary's Day cards

Secretary’s Day cards

:: “Everyone here at the office wanted to wish you the happiest Secretary’s Day ever! Thanks for your amazing work, we would not be where we are without you!”.

:: “Thank you very much for your fine work and always having the best attitude. Congratulations on your day, we really hope you enjoy it to the fullest!”.

:: “You have taught us many new things that make everything easier for us, so we wanted you to know that they are much appreciated. Happy Secretary’s Day!”.

:: “Wishing you a blissful Secretary’s Day! We hope you are enjoying this free time that you have truly earned! See you soon!”.

Example 1 of a speech for a Secretary

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here to pay tribute to all secretaries that are part of our business and who are doing important work, without which our work life would be very complicated. Thanks to their efforts and dedication we have made progress as a company.

We want to show our gratitude to all our secretaries, thank you for your loyal service, kindness and especially patience. I acknowledge that dealing with bosses is not easy because due to the hustle of the work added to the stress of our work, they can deny us, but our secretaries help us solve our problems and look at things from another perspective.

I want to thank especially Rosaura, my secretary, who has helped me to organize the work of the office and constantly reminds me of the things I have pending. Thanks for having patience and understand me. Undoubtedly, behind a successful leader there is an efficient secretary.

I conclude by saying that on this special day for all secretaries, all staff of the company would like to congratulate and wish them every success in their lives. Thanks for all you do”.Secretary's Day flowers and gifts

Example 2 of a speech for a Secretary

Perseverance, efficiency, commitment and responsibility are words that define you. Today is a very special day for the secretaries, those women who always help us in our daily work, those women who make all work well and provide us tranquility and order, those women with good humor and kindness who are able to make us smile and lift our spirits.

On this special day we congratulate Nubia, Secretary of our office for all your daily work and sacrifice, we thank you for your commitment to the company and for their unconditional support.

Truly, a secretary like you is unique and irreplaceable, you are a person committed to your work for that reason we expect you to stay with us for so many years from now. Thank you very much, Nubia, for your service to our company”.

We hope you enjoyed these original greetings for your Secretary on her day. Make sure you always appreciate and value the work others do to facilitate yours and recognizing her efforts on her day is a great way of doing so.

Hope you have a great day and to see you again very best Secretary's Day phrases

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