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New Year phrases, happy New Year, New Year textsBeautiful New Year Messages for Facebook

Let’s celebrate with our family and friends these festivities of the end of the year and in this way we will fill us with good energies. The next year will give us things that we can’t even imagine; we will know more people, we will visit new places and our dreams will be more ambitious.

All can be true if you fight with effort and you are perseverant. Don’t you want to share with your Facebook contacts a message which fills them with enthusiasm and good vibes? Then this article will like you much. Next we will show you a list with messages of optimism in Facebook for the New Year.

You can post these phrases in your wall or in your friend’s wall and them will have a positive attitude to receive the New Year.

Free list of New Year messages for Facebook:

:: “A year full of incredible things comes, with wonderful experiences that will be saved in our memories. I wish you all the happiness of the world, have a successful year”.
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:: “I want to be surrounded of m friends to welcome the New Year together because by their side I enjoy very fun moments. Give it a like if you are one of my friends and you want that we will always be united”.
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:: “This year I passed through very special moments and all is because of my family and friends. I hope this 2014 things be better than we expect. I wish you much happiness”.
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:: “In this year we got many achievements which we feel very proud and also we made some mistakes, however the important is that we never gave up. I hope that you always keep moving forward with faith and optimism. Have a happy New Year!”.
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:: “If this year things weren’t been as you expected, don’t feel sad. There comes 365 days which you can fight to fulfill all the dreams that you have. I send you a warm hug and I wish you much happiness”.
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:: “The year which is about to end left us some lessons that will be useful for us. The mistakes are part of our growth, but always we must to strive to be better. I hope the New Year brings many joys and make our dreams. I wish you a happy 2014!”.
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:: “Time advances with rapidity for that you must to seize every moment of your existence. Don’t waste your life suffering and crying, look the world with optimism and you will see that is a wonderful place. I wish you the best, have a prosperous New Year”.
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:: “I haven’t got what I desire yet, however I know that with effort and dedication I could make true all my dreams. I wish that you always be at my side because you are who give me the strength to keep going. Have a 2014 full of many joys!”.
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:: “Luck doesn’t exists, all depends only on us. I wish that every day we seize and be very happy in the 2014 and forever”.
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We wish that these messages of optimism have been to your liking and share them to your Facebook contacts.

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