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A new year is near and is time to reflect about the good and bad that happened to us in this year which is about to end. There are who make an evaluation about all the experiences that happened to them along the year and they think about the people that they have known, the places that they visited, the loves that they had and the plans for the future.

Do you want to express what you expect for the new year? If it is then share a message in twitter about the new year to the people who follow you, the will like it much.

Free list of New Year Phrases for Twitter:

– “I have many illusions to fulfill in the new year, I will make my best effort to make my dreams true and to make happy to the people I love the most. Have a happy new year!”
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– “Another year begins and for that I feel very enthusiastic because I have aimed to enjoy every instant of my life because the time goes and never comes back. I wish much happiness to all my followers in the 2014.”
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– “If in the new year you want to reach all that you have proposed you must to strive much and never give up when the obstacles appear. Much happiness!”
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– “The year is about to end. In my memory there always be all the nice experiences that I lived and the bad moments will be part of the past. Beginning a new year makes me feel enthusiastic because is a new stage on my life. I wish you much happiness!”
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– “Let the bad things in the past and since this day lets propose to be happy forever. Feeling happiness is a decision that is in our hands. Have a 2014 full of much success!”
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– “In this year you can do all the trips that you ever wanted, you can do what you ever wanted and even you can know your better half. Just need to fill of positive thoughts and all be wonderful. “
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– “I love receive the new year with all my loved ones because with them I fill myself with good energies. I hope that in this 2014 make true all the dreams you have and be very happy forever.”
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– “Beginning a new year is a reason of much happiness because we will welcome to 365 opportunities to be happy. I ask God bless you much and helps you to make true all that you have proposed.”
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– “I dedicate this tweet with much affection to whom believe in a better tomorrow, to whom have hope of a more fair world and whom will never give up despite of all the problems. Have a happy and prosperous 2014!”
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These phrases in twitter about the new year will like much to all the people who follow you and will motivate them to begin a new year with much optimism.

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