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Father’s Day is a time of celebration in many countries. It is a moment to give the deserved recognition to all fathers who strive every day to ensure that their children have peace and happiness in their lives.

A good father who loves his children knows that material things and emotional guide are necessary for the development of the family. If your beloved father is a wonderful man with a great heart and loves his family, say hello and express your love and tell him he’s your best friend.

Here, we give a list of greetings for Father’s Day. You can send them via Facebook Twitter, Whatsapp or SMS to all fathers for their day.

Free list of wonderful phrases for father’s day:

:: “Dear Dad, you’re a great friend who always give me your love. You gave all your effort and gave me your company at all times. Thanks for helping me achieve my goals, have a beautiful day”.
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:: “A few people in this life are the ones that give me so much joy as you have given me. You gave me life and well-being throughout all these years, today we celebrate Father’s Day and I wish you a great day, at home we are all happy for you”.
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:: “You always go out first of the house and you are the last to return, I will never be able to pay you for your daily dedication but I know God will reward you one day, a thousand of blessings for you father in your day”.
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:: “Today, I congratulate you for always being in my life from the time I was born, for taking care of those nights when I was sick and for working so hard, I had everything in life, happy father’s day dad”.
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:: “Congratulations daddy in this day, you always had wonderful advices for me. You always helped me with everything and you always gave the best of you. Hope you would have a beautiful day with the whole family .we love you dad”.
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:: “I had a difficult times in life and you were always there for me; while you’re alive I’ll have the security that I can trust on you, happy father’s day”.
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:: “I’ve seen you cry many times both, because of joy and sadness. I know the love you have towards your children is one of the best feelings that may exist and that makes me very happy. Thank you for all your dedication over the years and for being my best friend, happy day dad”.
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:: “All my memories from my childhood have something very similar, you are always there, I salute you for being a brave man, full of strength that never gave up and pulled forward to your family, you are fabulous person and love you so much, happy day dad”.
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:: “I thank you father for teaching me that the most valuable thing in life is the love one has for another family member. I love you dad and I wish you have a wonderful day with us your children. Happy father’s day”
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These Father’s Day messages are really beautiful, send any of them to your dad. Do not forget the best gift you can give your father is a nice message of love for him.

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