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The technology today has opened a wide range of communication possibilities. Within these possibilities we have emails, through which we can effectively reach many messages to one or many recipients. If you want to send an important message or greet a person of interest or a company, this way is very efficient.

Another advantage of email is that you can attach files of different formats, such as images or music for example. In this article we show three examples of how you might express a Christmas greeting to your co-workers or to people you usually do business with.

Model No. 1. Business emails for Christmas

From: Global Provider Company

To: Santa Rita Processing

Dear Sirs:

We want to express through this our best wishes for Christmas and New Year.

We are aware of the good relationship that has been holding our company and yours. The burden of quality raw material in which you invest to process and pack quality products are now known and you have positioned as leader in the market thanks to our partnership. We also reiterate our desire to keep this relationship up.

For this and more we want to send our best wishes to all the team that enables your company and the partnership we form, exists and keep functioning. We want this Christmas to be filled with happiness and surprises and that the coming year holds for you even more success.

We said goodbye to you carefully,

Global Provider Company

Model No. 2. Business emails for Christmas

From: Company Rocca

To: Team work and collaborators

We take this opportunity and harness this efficient courier express way to send to all our staff a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of success. These are the sincere wishes from the company you have been welcomed, leader in the field of manufacturing and design of domestic stuff.

We dedicate these sincere words to our team of workers who has made the objectives to be achieved and obtain one of the best productions nationwide. We admire and appreciate their commitment to their daily tasks and responsibilities assigned to each one of you.

Because we care about their welfare, we wish everyone a Christmas filled with much happiness and family harmony. I hope you can join the people you love the most this date.

We expect that this Christmas Eve and the coming year’s surprise and gratify you with all the happiness you deserve.


Company Rocca

Model No. 3. Business emails for Christmas

From: Mall Tulips

To: Cotton Qualit

Dear Sirs,

We are present through this email to let you get a warm holiday greeting from the whole team of Qualit Cotton.

We take this opportunity to inform you that the clothes that you make and sell through our stores are top quality and intelligent design, which is reflected in the great reception given to our audience. Therefore, we hereby reiterate our desire to continue this partnership that has been going great.

Its products and designs have revolutionized the way our customers buy and at this time we have made windfall profits. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of successes and goals achieved.


Mall Tulips

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