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When a family member, a loved one or a friend passes away is the saddest moment which many people probably have to live in some moment of their lives. Expressing your condolences to the family members is always a valuable gesture we must have in mind, even though this is a truly sad and complicated greeting.

To express your condolences, the first thing you must do is be calm, approach the family of the deceased and express our deepest sorrow for the passing of their loved one, tell them you share their pain and they can count with you to be able to move on after such a sad loss.

Those sad and uncomfortable moments can be replaced up to certain limit thanks to technology, which allows us to share our feelings of sadness with the mourner through an e-mail. Dedicate a condolence message upon this complicated situation and so this way you can avoid any mental problems. Up ahead we present a list of messages of condolence that you can use to send by e-mail to all of those who have had such sad loss.

Free list of the best condolence messages to send by email:

– I’m so sorry for your mother’s passing, she was a wonderful and brave woman for you and for everyone who met her. It’s very likely she’s proud of what she accomplished in life and the legacy that she left in you. Love by her example.
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– My deepest condolences, I understand that in this moment you’re very sad, but don’t worry any more, time heals wounds and helps you surpass everything.
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– The subtle death of your brother marks a sad moment, I hope you can surpass the sadness you now have in your heart and you have the strength to move on.
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– Dying alone is a part of life, it’s a very sad time, but I’m sure you’ll understand very soon that your father is in a much nicer place right now. Please receive my deepest condolences.
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– Sadly, our time on this earth as humans is just momentary and it’s complicated not to be sad in such delicate moments. I send to you my most sincere condolences for the passing of your dear wife.
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– This terrible and sad times are wanted or desired by no one, and I also wish no one had to experience them, they’re painful times that must be overcome with strength, please let me send you my deepest condolences.
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– We always seem to be prepared to receive good news, but when we receive bad news, they always get to us, I understand your grief for the recent loss of your mother. You can no longer see her, but she can still see you. She’s watching over you from a better place. I offer my complete support to you so you can recover from such a sad loss.
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– I send you my deepest condolences on the passing of your loved one. Your husband was a good man who I respected very much and that left a mark on your family. I wish you can soon overcome such an irreparable loss you’ve just had.
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– I comprehend your sorrow, on moments as painful as these it’s almost impossible to keep calm, but you must think that many people need you to be happy, specially your children. Please get my most sincere condolences for the loss of your brother.
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– I’m so sorry for this unfortunate event, I understand your pain and receive all the positive energy I’m sending your way so you can overcome this impasse. Remember he’ll always be by your side even though you can’t see him.
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We’re sure that these wonderful messages to offer your condolences are best for you to send to those who are going through a sad and painful moment as the loss of a loved one.

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