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It is good to communicate what we feel and what we experience in this life. When we put this into practice we feel free and when we share our feelings we can find the support of our friends and family. Today, people not only use social networks to communicate, many people use text messages too.

For smartphones there is a novel application called Whatsapp that allows you to receive and send instant messages and the best, it’s completely free. If you already have this application on your phone, don’t hesitate and put in your state what you feel right now. Send an optimistic state to make happier your friends’ lives and invite them to do good things. Here we bring you a list of encouraging statements for your Whatsapp.

Free listing of positive status for Whatsapp:

-In this life everything can be fixed, you have not lost the battle until you retire from it.
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-In this life, the most precious thing is what can be shared, the most wonderful moments are those spent with the people you love.
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-Give my best every day fills me with tranquility and helps me to achieve all my goals.
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-Always be yourself and do the things you want as long as you feel is the best for you.
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-You would achieve success in all that you propose, if you have in your mind that you should improve every day.
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-Today I feel myself faster than the wind and harder than a rock.
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-There are many incredible things for you this day; the trick is that they are hidden behind other things. The secret is to receive them with optimism.
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-At night the moon is the light of the earth and in the day, your smile that lights up my life.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-All you can be is in your hands, with your optimism the world is yours.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-The most important beauty of a person is not the one shown in the mirror, but that which is seen with the heart.
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-Do not miss any opportunity, they only come once. You must learn to use them and you would find happiness.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-Always remember that you are the only one responsible for achieving your goals, be happy.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-Do not look down or you’ll lose sight of the horizon of your goals.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-My soul rejoices with the music that your love and your heart sing.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-There are so many things in this world that distract us, take advantage of those that are really valuable.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-My desire to be better every day grows more and more that they would fill the world.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-Let happiness flood your heart and you would see that the bad times will vanish instantly.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-You should always be optimistic and you would win easily, even though your difficulties.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-Never mind if it the results are good or bad, if you give your best, you would realize that you did the right thing.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-Never mind that because of the fatigue I cannot walk, I won’t never stop, the goal is waiting for me.
Category :positive status for whatsapp

-If your heart is full of positive energy and happiness, there will never be room for sadness.
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We hope you liked these positive messages for your Whatsapp. Don’t lose time and send them to your loved ones.

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Send your originals positive status , and will be published, others friends will thank you .

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