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Czech Republic is a country that receives many tourists during the year. This country has a beautiful capital that is the city of Prague, which is considered a very special place.

Prague’s beauty is based on its history which is well represented in an area of the city called “Old Quarter of the city” and consists of the neighborhoods Stare Mesto, Mala Strana, Nove Mesto and Hrandcany, beautiful places that should not be missed while in Prague.

In order to have more knowledge of the various tourist attractions that Prague has to offer, here you will find important information about them.

The Tyn Church

A historical monument is the Tyn church built between the XIV and XV, located in Stare Mesto, in a square. One of its main features is its Gothic style and two large towers located in the Stare Mesto neighborhood, which can be seen from a great distance.

In this church are held ceremonies and religious activities, it is a Catholic church.

The Astronomical Clock

One of the main attractions of Prague is its Astronomical Clock, which was built in 1410. It is kind of a very ingenious art and it is Europe’s oldest clock.

It is located in the old town in the district of Stare Mesto. The curious thing about this watch is that each hour you can see the figures of the twelve apostles of Jesus, and a skeleton which makes a move in which it seems that it rings a bell.

The Prague Castle

As its name says it is a castle built in the fifteenth century which had a restoration between 1920 and 1934. It is located in the neighborhood of Hrandcany, and it is the world’s largest castle of Gothic features.

Inside the castle you can find the St. Vito Cathedral, the Royal Palace, constructions that are really impressive, and this is the reason why many tourists are surprised by the castle and its interiors.

St. Vito Cathedral

One of the places that no tourist should miss is St. Vito Cathedral, as it is a cathedral that was made based l in the Gothic style and there is nothing like it within the castle, it is really beautiful. In this cathedral is preached Catholicism.

The Charles Bridge

When visitors come to Prague they always go to the Charles Bridge. Its Gothic style makes it very unique. One of its main features is that it is made up of statues with human images on both sides and it is one of the oldest places.

Wenceslao Square

It is located in the Nove Mesto neighborhood, the main feature of this place is that in the square that is inside we can see mergers between ancient and avant-garde, i.e. buildings with a unique style, we can also find in this square trade and cultural events.


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