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Memorandum templates

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Looking for a free memorandum template ? .The Memorandum is a basic document that serves as a means of communication between the company and employees.

Through this document important information is communicated. This information may be about their employment status or changes in decisions taken by the company. Often, the memorandum is used to let the employee know about a fault that he could have committed in his work.

It is a concise document that specifies the misconduct and its consequences or any potential consequence. The most common faults are those related getting late to work, bad behavior against other employees and unaccomplished duties. This article will show you some examples of memorandums.

Example No. 1 of a Memorandum

Lima, September 3, 2019

Service Center “Total Service”
Avenida La Molina 1005
Lima – Peru

To: Juan José Martínez Reyes

From: Marcio Norvani Andres Del Solar,
Human Resources Manager

Subject: Personal Training

I am pleased to inform you through this document that on Friday 7 September 2019 will be organized a training workshop for all employees in customer service department of this company in the conference room of the Department of Human Resources. The workshop will begin at 11:15 pm and attendance is mandatory.

Attendance will be taken at the beginning and at the end of the training workshop.

Best Regards,

Marcio Norvani Andres Del Solar,
Human Resources Manager
Service Center “Total Service”

As we saw in the previous model the human resources manager has informed an employee that will be a training workshop that is mandatory. The information was given in a concise and direct way.

Example No. 2 of a Memorandum

San Salvador, July 15, 2019

Universidad Nacional de San Salvador
Avenida Heroes de la Libertad 900
San Salvador – El Salvador

To: Mr. Luis José Holguín Malatesta
From: Office of Research and Records

Subject: Omission of final report

This memorandum is to inform you that until today, we have not received the report of notes of the courses that you taught this semester. The deadline for submission of this document was yesterday July 14, so that is a serious fault.

Please bring us ASAP this document at the Office of Research and Records for processing it; we need to publish student grades very soon.

Best Regards,

Juan Manuel Rodriguez Cava
Office of Studies and Records Manager
Universidad Nacional de San Salvador

In the second example of memorandum is emphasized the failure of a teacher in the delivery of the documents to be delivered before a deadline.

Example No. 3 of a Memorandum

Quito, January 19, 2019

Avenida Los Frutos # 130
Quito – Ecuador

To: Oscar Lopez

From: Mr. Mario Cesar Trinidad

Subject: serious disciplinary fault

With this memorandum we notify you that you will be sanctioned because of the events that occurred between you and a co-worker during work hours. You should go to the Human Resources office to defend your position

Best Regards,

Mr. Mario Cesar Trinidad
Plant 1 Supervisor

The latest example of memorandum emphasizes the punishment of one of the workers due to a disciplinary offense during working hours.

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