Wonderful Christian Cheer Up Messages

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The love that God has for all of us is so wonderful that can flood our hearts and heal all the wounds we have. Knowing this, fills us with great joy and we must share it with everyone else especially when they are suffering.

If one of your friends is going through a bad time and he or she is sad, you can cheer up your friend and make him feel much better. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is to share with him or her a Christian message to help him reflect and fill him with peace and quiet.

In this section we bring you a complete list with Christian messages to cheer up your friend, do not forget that you can send your message through Facebook or a text message and you will see that when he or she receives it, he/she will see life in a different way.

Free list of Christian messages to cheer up a friend:

– “Friend of my heart, I want you to keep distressed, all the difficulties we face are not eternal. Remember that when all this would be over you will have learned a great lesson. You just have to trust in God. “
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– “Everyone at some point has bad moments, but that’s not the end. We can do it. I pray to God to bless and guide each of your steps so you can continue. “
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– “End the relationship with your boyfriend was a decision that has caused you a lot of sadness, but there was no choice dear friend. The Lord loves you and knows you’re a good girl, and you will see share your life with someone who worth it “
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– “Dear friend, I believe in you because you’re a great person, I feel bad to see to in this awful situation. But I just want to ask you to have a lot of faith in God because the love he feels for you is immense. “
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– “In all these years of friendship you have helped me always when I needed it. Now I want to tell you that you can count on me and especially you can count on the Lord. Do not forget that you are his child too and he will give you the strength to keep fighting in this life.”
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– “I understand that you are confused and with many problems and sometimes you feel like if you couldn’t continue. I want to tell you that God believes in you, He will never disappoint you. “
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– “Jesus will help lighten your way, He expects you to ask him with faith to guide you on your path, and I tell you dear friend that this will happen if you believe in him.”
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– “In your eyes it is reflected the great pain you are feeling in your soul. Console yourself and think that even the greatest pain passes. Pray to the Lord to give you strength to face your challenges, because with his help everything is easier. “
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– “The Lord is present in your heart, meditate a little and discover the great love he feels for you. I love you friend, I will pray for you. “
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– “Without a doubt God allowed us to meet to support each other. In these difficult times I’ll pray for you my friend, He better than anyone would understand and bless you. “
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– “Do not get depressed thinking about what happened. Look straight ahead, hold on to God and his protection wherever you go, it will be for your good. “
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We hope that these cute Christian messages to cheer up a friend would have been to your liking. Only with God’s help we can overcome all our problems.

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