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In all companies is a customary to greet the employees in Christmas. Some companies give this greet in a reunion that is make at the eve of the holidays in order to the employees enjoy a good moment, receive presents and tell them how much they appreciated.

In the cards which are with the gifts its written some words related to Christmas or also greet the workers by his Facebook or Twitter account if the relation with them is closer. Also is usual to send emails to the employees with a message and a Christmas image.

Next we will show you a list with phrases to dedicate to the employees in Christmas. Take a look and choose what you like the most.

Free list of Christmas messages for employees:

:: “Dear collaborators, we dedicate you this regard because you are the engine of this company. With your effort and care we have gotten all the objectives that we have proposed at the beginning of the year. Have a beautiful Christmas!”.
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:: “In this company we consider to our workers as our strategic partners because with their valuable collaboration we have grown and we are among the most recognized companies of the country. We wish to all of you a happy Christmas eve!”.
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:: “Is a big satisfaction counting with collaborator so efficient that always are disposed to innovate and make improvements. We can say very proud that all that we have gotten is because of your responsibility and commitment, for that we wish you much happiness in this Christmas”.
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:: “In this company the effort of the workers is recognized and we appreciate it. We hope that you spend a nice Christmas in company of your loved ones and this celebration fills your hearts with much love and peace”.
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:: “In this day we make a pause in our activities and we focus in spend very special moments with our family. We wish you the best, spend a beautiful Christmas celebration”.
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:: “Congratulation to all whom are part of our company. Each one of you is very important in our organization and for that we recognize your strive and in this day we salute you, hoping you spend a nice Christmas”.
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:: “We wish a nice Christmas eve to all our collaborators and their families. You are who raise our company because you are very committed workers and proactive. Much happiness!”.
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:: “We dedicate you this Christmas regard hoping that all of you and your families spend a beautiful Christmas and the magic of this days joys you. Thanks for being good workers”.
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:: “In this day we recognize the importance of each person of our environment and for that we dedicate you these words to all of our employees because you are part of our big business family. We hope you spend a nice Christmas eve!”.
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We hope that these phrases to dedicate to the employees in Christmas have been to your liking and choose what you like.

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