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Our passage through this world is short, God sends us to this earth for a little while and He decides whenever we must return to his side so we can enter a state of eternal rest, where we will rest from all the problems of this world. But death is hard to accept for the family and friends of the deceased, who suffer from the absence of the person who has died and the rest of their lives they will feel the void left by death. Although they know that the spirit of the deceased accompanies them, the pain is so big that it takes a long time to overcome it.

If you know someone who has recently lost a loved one and feels very sad due to that difficult situation, then send a few words of consolation. In this article we present you with a list of messages to offer you condolences a loved one. These words will help that person feel a little comforted and you will remember that death is merely physical, because the spirit goes to heaven to dwell.

Free list of condolences messages:

– “I am so sorry the death of your beloved father, remember that from heaven he will be watching you and taking care of your family. Receive my deepest condolences dear friend. “
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– “It is a great sadness that your grandmother has passed away, the best way to remember her is with joy as she was always an admirable woman. Please receive my condolences. “
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– ” You never know when the time will come for you to leave this world , only God knows the end of our days and this time it was His will to take your dear brother to heaven. Get my condolences appreciated friend. “
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– “Do not feel distressed by the death of our great friend, she is now resting eternally and would not like to see us from up there suffering from his absence. Get my condolences. “
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– “I understand the great sorrow you are feeling right now , but you just have to accept that God wanted your grandfather to be by his side, he will never die because his memory will always live among us. “
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– “Remember with great joy every day full of happiness you lived with your cherished mother, God now has her in His holy glory and never doubt that she will watch you forever from heaven. “
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– “The sudden death of our dear friend has shocked us all, we now have an angel to watch over us forever from heaven. To all his family I send my deepest condolences . “
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– “Sometimes we do not understand why the Lord decides to take from this land the people who did so much good, I guess up there they needed an angel and that is why she was chosen. Get my heartfelt condolences cherished friend. “
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– “When your brother died, he got rid of the pain he suffered from his illness on earth, think that he is now enjoying himself in paradise and he is now reunited with your beloved grandparents. Get my condolences friend. “
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– “Death comes from one moment to another, and although we know that the spirit of people remains alive forever, those who stay on earth suffer from the absence of that person. Ask God to comfort you. I am sorry the regrettable death of (name of deceased ) . “
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We hope these condolence messages for a loved one have helped you to express your feelings and send a message of comfort to the person who is suffering the loss of a loved one .

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