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Most of us know that there is a creator who gave us life and who created everything for our benefit, that being that is perfect to whom we owe our gratitude. He is God, our father and creator and we are his children and the love He has for us is so much that He sent Jesus Christ, his eldest son, to give his life to redeem us from sin . We should all be in eternal gratitude for all he has done for us, but still we see every day that evil takes over the hearts of people.

As believers we know that one day give we will account for all the things we have done, because God even knows all our thoughts and expects us to believe in his son Jesus Christ and repent of our sins. No matter what we have done, He will always be our Father, expect the best of us and if asked, He will lend us a helping hand and bless our lives.

If you are grateful to God for all he has given you, you can share one of the phrases that we bring you below to express your gratitude by reminding your friends and family the importance of believing and trusting in God.

Free list of messages about God:

– ” Show your gratitude to God because you are not lacking food, nor work, nor a place to live and to relax, help all of those who do not have that blessing in their lives and ask God to help you be a better person.”
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– “If you want to find happiness, follow the laws of God and He will bless you greatly, you will see that happiness will flood your life.”
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– ” Never forget that God is always by your side and that He will never leave, just ask Him in your prayers for His support to the arrangement that you will always be grateful to Him.”
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– “As soon as you wake up, begin your day with a prayer, thanking God for life and asking Him for you and for your family and thank him at the end of the day with a prayer, then you can rest and prepare for the new day.”
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– “Remember that with each trial we receive in this world, we also receive the way in which we can surpass it, we only have to ask for advice to God.”
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– “God has a mission prepared for us in this world, it is for that reason that every day we wake up with life and with a new chance to succeed.”
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– “No matter how bad your day was , you just ask God in prayer to have his guidance and express gratitude for all that He has given you.”
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– ” If you are going through a lot of difficulties in your life it may be because they help you to become better and overcome yourself , so never forget to pray to God and thank Him for all that you have lived.”
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– “Prayer is not just to ask our Father for what we think we need, it is also an opportunity to thank him for all he has already given you.”
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– “There is no greater fortune you can have in this world than to be alive and in good health , the rest will follow , so thank God and lend a helping hand to your neighbor.”
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Use these phrases to encourage your friends and family that are going through difficulties to recognize the helping hand of God in their lives and be thankful for all the blessings that come each day. Remember that we are all children of God and that He wants the best for us.

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