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We have the wonderful opportunity to be part of such a magical Earth, in where everything is possible, where the food grows in trees and soil, all it needs is that we take care of it and allow it to fulfil this role.

If we start to really think about how lucky we are to see every day the miracle of life, we would probably live overwhelmed, completely dwarfed by everything that is incredible to watch, see and experience. Sadly, the worst enemy of us human beings, is our ability to adapt, because it prevents every day we be surprised and be astonished of all the cuteness around us, because we are pushed away from that inner child that we should have more present in our lives, because like that, with such capacity for surprise, is that we could actually live in pure and true happiness.

Act now that there is still time, let’s take responsibility as part of all the changes that are to be made, because it is necessary and just. We are wasting our resources, accumulating things that do not serve us in the long term, we need to change attitudes, create precedents for future generations, so that they are better than us, to rescue teachings of all our mistakes.

It seems that we do not realize that if we destroy what we have, we will have nowhere to run, simply because there is nowhere to do so. Up next we present you a series of phrases that we would like you to share with your friends, in them you will find an attempt to make people react in reference to this very important issue for everyone.

Free examples of ecological phrases to share with friends:

:: “We have come to the world after it was inhabited by thousands of species and nature in peace, smoothly and in perfect harmony and coexistence. But we, being selfish and thinking that the world belongs to us, have taken advantage of its benefits, abusing and leaving it with less and less to give. Let’s take care of what we have been given, if the change happens now then it will not be too late”.
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:: “The responsibility of preserving the place in which we live is our task, we cannot wait for others to do the things that we have to do or wait for someone else to come take over. If you really assume the extent to which we are contributing to the destruction and turn it around, that is, we begin to contribute as much or more with the change, then we will contribute with the improvement. Do not waste more water, do not throw away things that can still be used, this culture of waste is harming us all and it is wrong”.
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:: “Take some time to just wander into a place where nature primes, it will be impossible for you to feel fuller and with more life. Appreciate what we have, it will not be here long if we do not respect it”.
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:: “Human beings, as a part of our composition, a large amount corresponds to H2O, so an important part of everything we stand for is due to the nature that lives through us but despite all that, we do not pay it the homage we should. It is time to change”.
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:: “We have the power to start preserving the site that has given us the opportunity to live. There is no time to lose, there are no excuses to be said, we have given too much priority to profit and material things, but we can still refocus the way we live”.
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:: “Change starts from the inside out. Educate your children to be tidy, to respect others and the place in where they live. Thus, when leaving your house, they will maintain that perspective and will behave in the world as they would in their own home”.
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To think of the times that come is a little difficult and discouraging, because we have not been behaving the best way we could with the world. However, we must not allow the lack of action and neglecting subject us, it is possible to improve, it is possible to change and you can do it now. Hope to see you soon again.

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