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When you are a friend of a married couple, there are only a few moments that are so memorable for them and for their friends and family as the moment in which they swore eternal love to each other before the altar.

If a couple you know is about to celebrate their anniversary and you want to greet them, on this article we offer you some ideas that you can use as a model.

Free examples of anniversary texts:

:: “I’m very happy for the two of you as you have managed to cultivate your love throughout a whole year full of emotions and experiences. I applaud your desire to succeed together, you are a couple that sets the example and you are a role model to follow. Keeping a marriage, especially in these times of selfishness, has become difficult to bear, but you have proven that what always prevails is true love when you know how to cultivate it”.
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:: “I wish to convey my deepest congratulations because you have managed to maintain a relationship that has made you understand the wonder of being in love. You have managed to maintain and make your love grow for one year. Always remember that the love you have for each other will prevail over any eventuality, the love you have dedicated to each other during your courtship and now in marriage. I send you my best wishes for your future”.
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:: “I am sure you have many plans to celebrate this special day for both of you. Your marriage reflects all the love you have cultivated and the desire you have to succeed. I am convinced that you have a promising future ahead and I wish you a happy anniversary. All my love and a big hug”.
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:: “You know I am right when I tell you that when you decided to join your lives through marriage, share your life experiences and learn by the side of the person you love most in this life, was the best decision you could have ever made. Among all the difficulties which you may have encountered along the way, you have realized that love is always what keeps you strong before adversity. Congratulations, continue on this path of trust and communication, you are a worthy couple to imitate”.
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:: “To know that it has been a year since that beautiful day in which we all witnessed your marriage. I appreciate the way in which you treat and understand each other and the constant lessons you give me on how to lead a good relationship. I respect your relationship and wish you can always share the happiness that everybody can see in your eyes. Much love for you on this special day, never lose that which keeps alive the passion and understanding you have for each other. Happy anniversary”.
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:: “Happy anniversary I know you will do very well in the future because you have shown understanding and respect between each other since the day I met you. There could be no better reference for a good couple than you. You are wonderful and I hope you can celebrate your anniversary as you deserve”.
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We are sure that the couple will like these texts and that you will be remembered as a good friend. Come back soon.

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