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Trending good night Christian text messages

Looking for best good night Christian text messages ? God is the source of our lives and his love is so infinite that He wants us all to be happy, which is why it is so important for us to remember Him in every moment of our lives.

In the morning before leaving our homes we must entrust ourselves to God and to our loved ones. Also, back home after a day of work or study we must show God our gratitude for all that he did for us.

Do you wish to send a message to your family and friends to remind them how important it is to have God in their lives and live according to the teachings of Jesus Christ as a state, then try to send the Christian phrases to wish good night to people who you appreciate.

Blessed Christian good night messages

:: “Dear friend, I always pray for you for God to always protect and care for you, you have a good night”.
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:: “Every night I pour out my soul to God in prayer for the people that I love, have a rest and also sweet dreams”.
Category :Blessed goodnight christian messages

:: “The best way to sleep peacefully and with no worries on, is to do the best we can to the people with whom we are during the day all”.
Category :Blessed goodnight christian messages

:: “Never forget that as children of God, He never forgets us and always gives us an opportunity to achieve happiness. Have a happy night”.
Category :Blessed goodnight christian messages

:: “Leave aside the hatred and bitterness for your heart can rest and sleep peacefully, you will see that tomorrow the day will be better if you have Christ in your heart”.
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Download religious good night quotes

:: “Remember that we all are tied together for a very special link, because we are children of the same Heavenly Father, and it has come the time to go to rest, you will see that tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to share the message with many people”.
Category :Goodnight religious messages

:: “This beautiful world was created by God so we can be happy in it, so despite the evil that may be; we must do all the good we can. Have a good night”.
Category :Goodnight religious messages

:: “God knows about our thoughts and the intentions of our hearts so we should make a change in our hearts to be better people. Tomorrow will be different and wonderful thanks to the love of Jesus”.
Category :Goodnight religious messages

:: “If you want to get treasures in heaven as Jesus taught, you must do the good to everyone you meet, so tomorrow will be a good opportunity to justify that your faith still works”.
Category :Goodnight religious messages

Trending good night Christian text messages

:: “If you keep the commandments that God has given us, each night you sleep with peaceful mind and heart. Have good dreams”.
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:: “Despite the evil, this world is wonderful and can change if we do our part, so tomorrow ask God to make you an instrument of his work”
Category :Whatsapp goodnight christian messages
:: “Life is short and seems ephemeral, but if we do well to our neighbor we will be remembered always and God will receive us in his paradise”.
Category :Whatsapp goodnight christian messages

:: “God has a special and wonderful place for those people who follow his commandments, so we should never lose faith and should always have a full hope that He will help us if we ask him from heart. Good night everyone”.
Category :Whatsapp goodnight christian messages

Send one of these phrases of Christian goodnight and you will see that you will enlighten the hearts of those who receive them.

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