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Goodnight love texts
for my partner

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To love and to be loved is one of the greatest joys for any person. By being in love with someone we seek all possible ways to make our partner happy.

Something we do very often is dedicating nice words, for a triumph, for a birthday, for an anniversary, among other special occasions.

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You can send a nice message to your partner to start the day or even at nightfall. This time we bring you a list of loving messages to say goodnight to your partner. Choose the sentence that you like the most and dedicate it to your soul mate.Sweet Dreams darling love messages.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases,#RomanticGoodnightText

Best goodnight love messages

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and settling in comfortably on your couch or in your bedroom. As you drift off to sleep, we’re sure you’re replaying the events of the day, both what you accomplished and what you couldn’t get to due to lack of time.

Without a doubt, this often leads to the realization that we unintentionally neglect the people we love most due to work, studies, or even both, which leave us with no time for our loved ones. And the person who misses us the most is undoubtedly our boyfriend.

So, while we’re on the verge of falling asleep, and he’s probably doing the same, you should send him a sweet and free goodnight message to let him know you’ve been thinking about him all day.

To help you do this quickly so you can get some rest, we’ve prepared these perfect free goodnight messages for your boyfriend. Take a close look and send him your favorites!

:: “When I close my eyes, your image is the only thing I see. I would love to be able to kiss you good night, my dear . Sweet dreams, my handsome. I’m sending you all my love and kisses”.

:: “As I close my eyes tonight, my thoughts are filled with you. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, my love .I hope you get all the rest you need, my darling, because you are going to need it tomorrow. I love you with all my heart. Xoxo”.

:: “I’m so grateful for you, my love. You make every day brighter . Thanks for showing me how beautiful love can be when it is shared with the right person. Get some rest, I will see you tomorrow. Love you”.

:: “My dear, you and I have overcome all the obstacles one could think of, and that has only made us stronger. I can’t wait to fall asleep in your arms again. Until then, goodnight, my sweet”.

How to say goodnight
to the love of your life

:: “Before going to bed, thank God for giving you health and another day of life. Think that everything will go well for you and that tomorrow you will have the opportunity to achieve your goal. Sweet dreams”.

:: “I’m sorry, love, that I couldn’t call you all day; but my boss asked me for a thousand things in the morning. Despite that, the only thing that calmed me down was looking at our photo together on my desk. I love you, my king! I hope you rest and dream with the angels!”.

:: “Good night to the best boyfriend in the world! Thank you for your attention and for understanding me! I think your love makes me a better person in every way! Never change, my love! Now, to dream with the angels!”.

:: “Don’t stay up thinking about the problems that happened today. The best thing is to rest and get the energy to face problems with a cool head. Sleep and think that there is a solution to everything. Don’t stress yourself out”.

:: “You know that I always have you in mind, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to wish you a very good night. You are a fundamental part of my life and, although we are far away now, I eagerly await seeing you again and filling you with hugs. I love you very much, my great love”.

:: “There is nothing better in life than a great friendship. Thank you for brightening my days and giving me so much happiness. It’s time to go to bed. I hope to see you tomorrow and that you can brighten my day with your presence. Dear friend, sleep well”.

:: “Remember that, after a great storm, a rainbow will always appear that will illuminate you and bring back your smile. Sleep is like that, it helps you forget the bad things and when you wake up, you get the strength to fight. Have a great rest and have faith that everything can be achieved”.

:: “I wish that when you wake up, it will be a magnificent day in which you only have joys. I wish you a beautiful dream, that you forget what can hurt you and rest a lot until you can relax”.

:: “See you tomorrow, rest and sleep well Princess. I wish you, with all my heart, a peaceful and restful sleep, that will make the new day that is about to come the best you can imagine”.Sweet & romantic good night messages for girlfriend for Whatsapp.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases,#RomanticGoodnightText

Messages : Good night, my love!

:: “I know I don’t give you all the time you deserve, but I want you to know that I think about you all day long and how to make it up to you. I love you, my love! I want to wish you a very good night, my King! Rest up!”.

:: “I’m your biggest fan, because even though I’ve been busy with exams all day, I can only think about you and your beautiful lips. I love you, my love! Thank you for always supporting me! I hope you’re already in bed and ready to sleep! Good night, my love!”.

:: “Finally I’m in bed, resting, and all I can think about is how sweet and good you are, my love. I know we haven’t seen each other much this week, but I want you to know that I’ve missed you so much. I love you, my little one! Good night and rest!”.

:: “Good night to the best and most tender boyfriend in the world! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, my love! Thank you for making me so happy and for always being there for me! I adore you!”.

:: “You always find a way to surprise me, but this time I wanted to be the one to surprise you. Good night, my love, thank you for your sweetness and for always being a gentleman to me! You’re the sun!”.

:: “I’m sure there’s no better and more romantic boyfriend in this world than you. But this time it’s my turn to make you fall in love. Good night, my Prince Charming! I love you with all my heart! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life!”.

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Short sweet dreams
my love

:: “Good night to the most beautiful girl in life, the one who stole my heart”.

:: “I hope you have dreams as pleasant as you are, my love. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow, smiling as usual. I love you!”.

:: “Thinking of you is the best thing I could possibly do right before I fall asleep, because it assures me that I will also be dreaming about you”.

:: “Close your eyes and empty your mind, my love. Resting will do you good and tomorrow you will have lots of energy to face the day. Love you!”.

:: “I like to think that you have me on your mind because you are all I think about. Thanks for being as awesome as you are! Good night!”.

:: “Good night to my Princess, the one who means everything to me. I love you dearly. Get some rest!”.

:: “As I begin to fall asleep, you’re the only thought in my mind. I shall see you tomorrow to give you all the love you deserve. Good night!”.

:: “May you rest very well my heaven and may you dream with the angels. Tomorrow is a new day to write another chapter of our beautiful love story”.

:: “You appeared before my eyes like a celestial vision that ignited the flame of my heart to never be extinguished. With all my love, I wish you beautiful dreams, my Queen!”.

:: “I close my eyes and imagine you by my side, curled up in a warm embrace. May the magic of our dreams reunite us tonight. Sweet dreams, my love!”.

:: “Although I can’t be there to give you a goodnight kiss, I send you all my love through this message. I miss you and wish you a dream as sweet as you are”.

Sweet dream messages
for WhatsApp

It is always nice to receive and wish a “sweet dreams” greeting. so that we rest well. When we receive them, we feel special and loved by that person who takes a minute of their time to wish us a good night’s sleep and a better dawn. If you are thinking of giving the “sweet dreams” message, try to do it in the most special way possible.

For all this, let’s not forget to wish these two words that imply much more. If you don’t know what to say, here are some sweet dream phrases to send by WhatsApp.

:: “I will ask God to take care of and protect your sleep. He will prevent you from having nightmares so that you can rest well and wake up much better. Sweet dreams”.

:: “See you tomorrow, have a restorative sleep; so that when you wake up, you have a better day, you feel energized and think that you can achieve everything”.

:: “If you rest well, I predict that tomorrow you will achieve much more than you can imagine. Go to sleep thinking positively and, thus, while you sleep, eliminate everything negative from your life. Good night”.

:: “I know that, many times, we can go through problems during the day. When you go to sleep, forget about all that, since it does not benefit you in any way and only makes you unhappy. Rest well. Tomorrow the sun will rise, again, and will illuminate you to find the way to happiness”.

:: “It’s time to turn the page and forget everything bad that happened during the day. Tomorrow, there will be a new dawn that will give you much joy. Have faith and enjoy life. Rest well”.

:: “It’s time to dream and go to rest. Forget about the day that is about to end, think about tomorrow and that everything can improve. Sweet dreams, close your beautiful eyes and wait for you to be able to dream soon”.

good night text message ideas

:: “Love, you know how much I love you, it’s time to sleep, my greatest wish is that you fall asleep thinking of me and if it’s not too much to ask I also want you to dream of me”.

:: “My Queen, your love is what governs my life, that’s why I am the happiest person on earth. I love you and I wish you have the most beautiful dreams tonight”.

:: “My life, I want you to do me the honor of having me in your dreams tonight, I will be delighted to be a part of them while you sleep”.

:: “It is inevitable to feel sad when night comes because we cannot be together, but the only balm that can calm this sadness will be if I dream of you. Sweet dreams, my beloved Queen”.

:: “In the depths of my heart always lies the love I feel for you. Rest my life, may you have the most beautiful dreams that a princess like you deserves”.

:: “Thank you my love, because today you filled me with joy with your smile and your beautiful company, it’s time to sleep, although it’s sad to say goodbye, it comforts me to know that we will see each other again”.

:: “My love, may this night be an oasis of peace and love for us both. I love you with all my heart”.

:: “I love our meaningless conversations, but it’s time, for the two of us to rest. So, tomorrow, we have to get up, with a lot of energy. So, rest my love; and have sweet dreams”.

:: “Let’s go to sleep at the same time to meet in the same dream and be happy for a few more hours”.

:: “It’s incredible how I think of you, day and night I hear my heart say your name, good night my love, I love you”.

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How do I say goodnight
for my love?

:: “I wish you sweet dreams, I love you in a very special way and this feeling I can only share with you who are the other half of my heart”.

:: “Since I discovered that you are my angel I feel accompanied by your love even in the moments that we cannot be together. Sweet dreams to you my beloved”.

:: “The arrival of the night saddens me a little, but in the midst of this state I am left with good wishes so that you enjoy a restorative rest and I wish you have beautiful dreams”.

:: “When night time comes and you are about to go to sleep, close your eyes and remember all the wonderful times we enjoyed together. I would like to be your guardian angel and contemplate you while you sleep”.

:: “I send you a big kiss for you to feel the great love that I have for you. You are the most beautiful thing that happened to me. Goodnight sweetheart”.

:: “My soul mate, I want to tell you that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Before sleeping, peek out your window and see how infinite the sky is, so great is the love I feel for you”.

:: “Have sweet dreams my darling, relax thinking about our love and thinking how lucky we are to have each other. I hope I get to dream about you to wake up with a big smile”.Download best good night love messages and images.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases,#RomanticGoodnightText

What is the best
sweet love message
for Princess?

In a world where communication through networks is key, expressing love and affection before going to bed has become an essential gesture.

The night becomes a perfect canvas to reaffirm how valuable she is, to remind her that she is present in your thoughts and to express what she means to you.

However, finding the right texts for this intimate moment is not always easy. Don’t worry! To help you ignite the flame of love, we have prepared the best sweet dream love messages for her.

:: “Your presence in my life is a constant blessing, even from a distance. Sleep well, my treasure!”.

:: “The love I feel for you overwhelms me so much that I can’t sleep without telling you. Good night, my love!”.

:: “Your lips pronounce my name and my heart harbors your love. Sweet dreams Princess”.

:: “In the night sky of my life, only one star shines, and that’s you. Good night my love”.

:: “I can’t help but feel happy and in love every time I see you, I even have the same reaction when I think or dream of you. Good night, my Queen!”.

:: “Today I gave my best effort because the love we have for each other has become my greatest motivation to go further. Sweet dreams, my Princess!”.

:: “It’s time to enter the world of dreams so that, when we wake up, we have the opportunity to make those beautiful fantasies come true. Have a beautiful night, my love!”.

:: “This day has been one more confirmation that we were born to love each other and that our happiness is to be together. I send you a sweet kiss to wish you good night!”.

:: “On this full moonlit night remember the first kiss that we took, it made us howl of love. Sleep now my prince, so that tomorrow you wake as radiant as ever. I love you very much, good night”.

:: “Whenever night comes I feel very happy because it was one more day I had your love. I love you as I never imagined, thanks for being so wonderful to me, goodnight my love”.

:: “Before I go to sleep I look at our photos and feel a great happiness to be with you. Today, like every night, I will dream of you my angel of love”.

:: “Every night I thank God to have you with me and I ask Him to bless us to be together and enjoy our great love forever”.

Sweet dream messages
for my love who is far away

Long-distance goodnight messages are a magical bridge that brings you closer to your boyfriend, even when kilometers separate you. Is there anything sweeter than receiving a love message before surrendering to the arms of Morpheus?

Believe me, these words have unmatched power. They go beyond forced conversations after a long day, when sleep is pressing and words are scarce.

With a long-distance goodnight message, you can convey emotions that you may find difficult to express on a daily basis. To help you with this mission, I share with you some examples that you can use or adapt to your taste and the relationship you have with your boyfriend:

:: “Distance is just a test that our love more than surpasses. I love you more than ever, my life. Good night!”.

:: “In the vastness of the night sky, only one star shines with the intensity of my love for you. Sleep peacefully, my love, for I will always watch over you”.

:: “Distance does not extinguish the flame of my love. I see you in my dreams, and when I wake up, I long to see you again. Good night, my love!”.

:: “Although kilometers separate us, our hearts beat in unison. I love you and miss you with all my being. Sweet dreams, my love”.

:: “Every night, the moon whispers your name to me and the stars shine with your light. Sleep peacefully, my love, because I will always be with you, in wakefulness and in dreams”.

:: “Although we are not together, our hearts are intertwined. I love you madly and miss you with all my being. Good night, my love!”.

:: “I love you, I could say it a thousand times, but I prefer to show it to you every day with my actions. Sleep peacefully, the wait will be worth it”.

:: “How lucky to have a love that makes it so hard to say goodbye. Winnie the Pooh was right, distance only intensifies affection. Good night, little one”.

:: “They say that distance makes love grow, but also longing. These goodnight messages have become my greatest longing of the day”.

:: “Today I read something that gave me hope: ”.The longer you wait, the sweeter the kiss”. And so I go on, counting the days until I see you again. Good night, dear”.

Sweet good night love messages.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases,#RomanticGoodnightText

Goodnight love phrases
for cards

:: “Kilometers separate us, but in my mind and in my heart you are present from dawn to dusk. Good night, my love”.
:: “I will keep your memory in my heart until fate brings us together again and I can hug you tightly. Good night, my love”.

:: “My heart accompanies you wherever you are, even in dreams. Sleep well!”.

:: “I envy those who have the joy of contemplating your beautiful face every day. I hope you rest well, darling”.

:: “Sleeping Beauty, I wish that tonight I can dream about us. I would love to kiss you and sleep with you. As the night progresses I feel happy because I will see you at dawn. I love you so much”.

:: “Although we are separated by many kilometers, I still love you as much as always. Each day I count the days on the calendar because I cannot wait to see you. May you have sweet dreams my beloved Prince”.

:: “Sleeping without you is sad, but I console myself that I will dream of you. Remember that I love you very much and despite that destiny has separated us for the moment, it will link us again because we are born to love each other”.

:: “I will always be with you and I will always take care of you while you are awake and asleep. Rest my love, tomorrow awaits a day of great joy for us”.

Now you know. Dedicate one of these pretty phrases to your sweetheart. We hope that these sweet goodnight love messages , romantic goodnight phrases for couples , goodnight love messages to make her fall in love , inspirational goodnight love text messages for Her , sweet & romantic goodnight messages for Girlfriend for Whatsapp , goodnight love cards for my partner have been of your liking.Download cute good night love sentences and images.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases,#RomanticGoodnightText

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