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Goodnight romantic messages

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To love and to be loved is one of the greatest joys for any person. By being in love with someone we seek all possible ways to make our partner happy.

Something we do very often is dedicating nice words, for a triumph, for a birthday, for an anniversary, among other special occasions.

You can send a nice message to your partner to start the day or even at nightfall. This time we bring you a list of loving messages to say goodnight to your partner. Choose the sentence that you like the most and dedicate it to your soul mate.Sweet Dreams darling love messages.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases

Best goodnight love messages

:: “When I close my eyes, your image is the only thing I see. I would love to be able to kiss you good night, my dear”.

:: “I hope you get all the rest you need, my darling, because you are going to need it tomorrow. I love you with all my heart. Xoxo”.

:: “Thanks for showing me how beautiful love can be when it is shared with the right person. Get some rest, I will see you tomorrow. Love you”.

:: “My dear, you and I have overcome all the obstacles one could think of, and that has only made us stronger. I love you, get some rest!”.Sweet & romantic good night messages for girlfriend for Whatsapp.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases

Get Goodnight romantic phrases

:: “Good night to the most beautiful girl in life, the one who stole my heart”.

:: “I hope you have dreams as pleasant as you are, my love. I cannot wait to see you tomorrow, smiling as usual. I love you!”.

:: “Thinking of you is the best thing I could possibly do right before I fall asleep, because it assures me that I will also be dreaming about you”.

:: “Close your eyes and empty your mind, my love. Resting will do you good and tomorrow you will have lots of energy to face the day. Love you!”.Free download good night love cards with romantic quotes for Whatsapp.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases

Short sweet dreams
my love

:: “I like to think that you have me on your mind because you are all I think about. Thanks for being as awesome as you are! Good night!”.

:: “Good night to my Princess, the one who means everything to me. I love you dearly. Get some rest!”.

:: “As I begin to fall asleep, you’re the only thought in my mind. I shall see you tomorrow to give you all the love you deserve. Good night!”.

:: “May you rest very well my heaven and may you dream with the angels. Tomorrow is a new day to write another chapter of our beautiful love story”.Beautiful good night messages of love to share by Instagram.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases

How do I say goodnight
for my love?

:: “When night time comes and you are about to go to sleep, close your eyes and remember all the wonderful times we enjoyed together. I would like to be your guardian angel and contemplate you while you sleep”.

:: “I send you a big kiss for you to feel the great love that I have for you. You are the most beautiful thing that happened to me. Goodnight sweetheart”.

:: “My soul mate, I want to tell you that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Before sleeping, peek out your window and see how infinite the sky is, so great is the love I feel for you”.

:: “Have sweet dreams my darling, relax thinking about our love and thinking how lucky we are to have each other. I hope I get to dream about you to wake up with a big smile”.Download best good night love messages and images.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases

What is the best
sweet love message?

:: “On this full moonlit night remember the first kiss that we took, it made us howl of love. Sleep now my prince, so that tomorrow you wake as radiant as ever. I love you very much, good night”.

:: “Whenever night comes I feel very happy because it was one more day I had your love. I love you as I never imagined, thanks for being so wonderful to me, goodnight my love”.

:: “Before I go to sleep I look at our photos and feel a great happiness to be with you. Today, like every night, I will dream of you my angel of love”.

:: “Every night I thank God to have you with me and I ask Him to bless us to be together and enjoy our great love forever”.Sweet good night love messages.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases

Goodnight love phrases
for cards

:: “Sleeping Beauty, I wish that tonight I can dream about us. I would love to kiss you and sleep with you. As the night progresses I feel happy because I will see you at dawn. I love you so much”.

:: “Although we are separated by many kilometers, I still love you as much as always. Each day I count the days on the calendar because I cannot wait to see you. May you have sweet dreams my beloved Prince”.

:: “Sleeping without you is sad, but I console myself that I will dream of you. Remember that I love you very much and despite that destiny has separated us for the moment, it will link us again because we are born to love each other”.

:: “I will always be with you and I will always take care of you while you are awake and asleep. Rest my love, tomorrow awaits a day of great joy for us”.

Now you know. Dedicate one of these pretty phrases to your sweetheart. We hope that these loving messages for my partner have been of your liking.Download cute good night love sentences and images.#RomanticGoodnightPhrases

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