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There are moments in our existence when feel that the world is giving us their best and that everything we do is within the reach of our hands and we would like to share it with all our loved ones, to express how good we are feeling.

You’ll how good it is, because it gives you the chance that other people also feel good and, in addition, find the motivation to achieve their goals. If you don’t know well how you can express these feelings, as follows you’ll find a series of messages that can serve as inspiration. Remember to give them your personal touch.

List of nice messages to post on your facebook wall:

:: “The best thing that we can do in this life is to give our heart and soul to get what we want to achieve, no matter how small or large it may be. Let us always be grateful, because everything we receive is part of the generosity of others and no one owes us nothing. The nice things we have are a miracle, so love and that will be what you receive every step of your way”.
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:: “Try to think positively, if you had any complications do not let them eat you up, because if you allow them to make much progress then it will cloud your view and will not allow you to properly see what might be a good solution. While you focus on the goal and leave aside the obstacles, then you will succeed without problems. Bad things are a chance of improvement, so you will be much better off”.
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:: “People living without expecting anything from the others never feel disappointed, since they much appreciate what others do give them. It is important that we learn to give our love without demanding others to give us something in return, so as old scriptures say, it is important that we find the joy in giving. You will see how blessed you will feel when you receive something when you were expecting nothing and, not only will you be happier as well, but you will also be more grateful with what you receive. Feel free to share these thoughts with all your friends”.

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:: “No matter how much the storm lasts, you should know that it will soon be calm and that we will be enjoying again the warm rays of the sun. Avoid the concerns and concentrate on solving the things that are at your fingertips, because if you get stressed out by what does not depend on you, then you will only suffer. It is important to be patient and have faith in your achievements, the thing is waiting and trusting it will all be great; you just have to be patient and work hard for your goals”.
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:: “There is as an old proverb that says, if we want our seeds to germinate and grow to be large, then first they have to die and cease to be themselves, it is important to let them fuse with the land that will host them and grow up to be one. Our life is also a constant cycle of death and rebirth that makes us grow and become increasingly stronger. Seek to promote life, change and growth around you”.
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:: “Everyone has a destiny to fulfill and it will depend on how much we strive and the things that we do that we do well. All the good things we do will return to us multiplied and the bad things we do will subtract happiness from our lives, so always try to move forward with strength and determination, doing things well and with joy. Learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them. Nothing will stop you; keep trying until you get everything that you intend to get and you will be happy”.
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:: “As long as you trust everything will be fine, because you will succeed at what you undertake and will share a positive vibe to all of those who are around you. Dare to lead the change”.
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We encourage you to give your best and all the time you will constantly receive positive rewards. All persons who encounter with your messages of encouragement on Facebook will be recharged and highly motivated to undertake their dreams. See you soon, remember that we are always updating our web site with more free content that will help you to express how you feel with all your loved ones.

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messages for Facebook wall, phrases for Facebook wall, wordings for Facebook wall, sayings for Facebook wall, dedications for Facebook wall,positive messages for Facebook wall

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