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If you are a person who believed that in America there was nothing worth seeing, it is time to show you just how wrong you were. The following article reviews the destinations to be visited to find the home of Uncle Sam.

Americans are known for their bombast in their buildings (just so long to see the large number of existing skyscrapers) they have found things worthy of admiration. The following is a list of cities to be visited, to amaze your view:
List of cities to visit in U.S.:

1. New York, this is the top destination, capital of the world’s most cosmopolitan city in the world. In this city you will find immigrant neighborhoods of almost all the countries in the world (not miss Chinatown and Little Italy).

Being here, you should visit: Central Park, the MET (Metropolitan Museam of Art), MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), the impressive Empire State Building, Ground Zero (site of the WTC bombing), the imposing Statue of Liberty, and the magnificent Broadway theaters. Discover the unmissable Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Wallstreet, Ellis Island, and the most luxurious stores spread all over the Fifth Avenue.

2. San Francisco, this is probably one of the most progressive cities in the world, known as the home of the gay pride. It is characteristic to have a walk through the steep streets, watching the beautiful bay, and a stroll through the Latin Quarter Mission. The Golden Gate Bridge, the prison island of Alcatraz, the city’s trams and Chinatown are emblems of this particular American corner.

3. Los Angeles, home of the Lakers (emblematic basketball team), is also home to Hollywood and film studios, as well as the Beverly Hills pompous mansions, the stunning Venice Beach, Palm Beach, Melrose and Malibu, among others. While in L.A. (As it is usually referred to) you should not miss the Sunset Strip and amazing shopping in Rodeo Drive.

4. New Orleans, the most European city in the United States. It is famous for being the center of nightlife and the home of gypsy jazz music. Here, you can enjoy the cheerful Mardi Gras (Carnival celebration in February.) It will be a serious mistake coming to New Orleans and not visit the French Quarter, the Garden District and the Royal Street antique shops.

5. Miami, one of the warmest places on the U.S. territory and U.S. Latino city. A must is to visit South Beach, the beaches of Miami Beach, the famous Ocean Drive and Maximo Gomez Park, among others. Do not miss the street area 8, also known as Little Havana, a symbol of Latin culture and home to the Cuban – American community.

Now a list of must-sees, attractive places to see in the U.S.:

Grand Canyon (Colorado, one of the deepest in the world, surprises all visitors with the local fauna and flora).

Las Vegas (in Nevada. Casinos, shows, and entertainment for all types of hobbies. Do not miss Las Vegas Strip, the magnificent Caesar’s Palace hotel and the Shark Reef Aquarium).

Yellowstone National Park (in Wyoming, located in a volcanic crater more than 1000km. They are amazing geysers and other geothermal phenomena.)

Niagara Falls (located in the Great Lakes area in upstate New York. It is an impressive fall of 52 meters).

Philadelphia (in Pennsylvania. One of the cities with the highest number of museum highlights the Rodin Museum and the Museum of Art. Must – see places to visit are the National Constitution Center and the Edgar Allan Poe House).

Finally, traveling means being willing to learn, and learn about a country like the United States requires having a sense of adventure. Dare and know it.

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