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It may be no place in the world with the ability to astound and take your breath away, up to a point in which you end losing track of the time that has gone by, such as Italy. In this article we will describe some destinations you must visit in your trip to Italy.

Rome, the Eternal City, capital of Italy, center of the ancient Roman Empire, one of the most historical cities around the world, should always be the start of a voyage through Italy. Rome’s main attractions focus on the Roman architecture and medieval and Renaissance church buildings, not for nothing Rome is the city with more churches in the whole world.

You should also visit the Colosseum (where there were gladiatorial combat in the times of the Roman Empire), the Roman Forum, Arch of Constantine, Circus Maximus, Catacombs of San Callisto (used by the early Christian communities, the origin of Catholicism).

Also in Rome you must have a tour through the plazas and watch the fountains or sources located there, the ones not to be missed are the Piazza di Trevi (here is located the Fontana di Trevi, where it meets the traditions of tossing a coin from behind), Piazza Venezia (where the monument of the Unknown Soldier lies), Piazza Spagna (here is the Fontana della Barcaccia).

Venice, the city of canals and idealized by the film, as a bustling city where love and dreams emerge from the air. The Venetian is the largest destination for Piazza San Marco, where the Basilica of San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale are located; the architecture in the vicinity of this square is very beautiful. A stroll through the famous gondolas cannot be forgotten to experience all the magic of Venice.

Isle of Capri, situated in the Mediterranean near the city of Naples, has a natural beauty and the deep blue waters which makes it a magnet for tourists. This island is a destination occasional international jet set; on the island you can find local exclusive and the most luxurious shops.

Pisa is the city where one of the most important icons of Italian pride, the Leaning Tower of Pisa (which, to be precise, is actually a bell tower). To walk around Pisa is a good option to marvel at the architectural work of art located in this city.
Milan, the main industrial center, capital of the Italian, one of the most important cities in the entire European continent and the center of the region of Lombardy.

This city represents the coexistence of the modern and historic buildings. You cannot fail to see the Piazza Duomo and the imposing cathedral Duomo di Milano (is is a mega construction built over five centuries ago, it can get hold around 40000 people inside), the red Castello Sforzesco. Another attraction is the Milanese church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, where you will be able to find the famous painting of “The Last Supper” by Da Vinci, on the other end of art, you must not miss the Teatro alla Scala, one of the most important worldwide.

Genova, Italy is the first and largest ports in Italy, and also one of the most important ones in the Mediterranean. Despite being a maritime – industrial center, it has main attractions such as the Piazza di Ferrari (surrounded by buildings of the twentieth century), the country house where Christopher Columbus was born (Discoverer of America), the medieval cathedral of San Lorenzo and the marina yacht club, common in a port as hectic as the port of Genoa.

Finally, a trip to Italy is a must and is never a lost. Be a little adventurous and dare to visit this wonderful European destination.

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