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Beautiful love text messages to send by Whatsapp

What to write in a Whatsapp love message ? .As much as you would like to spend all day with your partner, this is not always possible because you both also need your space to develop different activities but it is not an impediment to dedicate a cute romantic phrase by Whatsapp.

In this article we present a selection of beautiful love thoughts that you can share by text messages to your partner so that in moments that you are not together, he would know how much you love him.

Lines below you will find the best selection of romantic messages which you can download for free and send by Whatsapp.

Beautiful love text messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “I would like to know at this time if, when I look at your eyes, your wishes are the same as mine.”

:: “I would love to hold you in these moments while I caress your lips and I give you a kiss to seal my love for you“.

:: “Look in my eyes the reflection of the love I feel for you and you would also see yourself reflected in my soul”.

:: “I love when you put your head on my chest while we pause before resuming our caresses”.

:: “The best thing about my dreams is that I can make them reality and be with the protagonist of my desires”.

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:: “Giving you a hug is the best way to express my feeling for you, it is a gesture that you never reject even if you are angry with me”.

:: “There is no perfect woman or man, we are just people who met and fell in love with the soul“.

:: “I will never forget the day I met you without imagining the big turn you would give to my life”.

:: “Sometimes I feel that I have loved you since the first day I met you, I will never forget that moment and it will remain in my mind as an indelible mark”.

:: “I know you so well that I can perceive in your silence the love’s vibrations of your soul“.

Cute & romantic texts to send by Whatsapp

:: “I really love you and I feel the need for you because you have become the air that gives me life”.

:: “I close my eyes and I think of you to remember the beautiful moments that we share together and that awaken emotions that fill my heart with joy”.

:: “In the silent nights I can hear the beats of my heart that seeks you and want to reach you”.

:: “To fill your absence, it is enough to think of you and relive the most beautiful moments we usually share together.”

:: “I want to have you near me all my life, I’ll start by giving you a big hug”.

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:: “There are moments when I close my eyes and I feel the desire to feel, see and embrace you. I miss you darling“.

:: “Love, from the moment I tasted your lips I always feel thirst for your kisses“.

:: “The tenderness of your caresses is able to dissolve all my fears and insecurity in the face of life”.

:: “When you are far I would like to be a cloud to be transported by the wind to the place where you are”.

:: “By hugging you strongly, words are superficial because silence is an accomplice of the love we feel”.

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:: “I love you without explanation and it confirms that unconditional love exists”.

:: “What I most want in these moments is to feel your breathing that is like a caress and desire for you”.

:: “My heart has fallen in love and I feel like if I am a slave to the love that my soul has for you”.

:: “You will always be in the most beautiful place in the world, where everything stops, I lose my breath while my heart beats very strong of emotion for being in your arms”.

:: “The feeling that we share is reciprocal and I will never skimp on filling you with attention because you are the person I love”.

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:: “You are a person who should not miss what you deserve: love, tenderness, fidelity.”

:: “When you’re not with me, it’s so easy to feel alone even if you’re surrounded by so many people.”

:: “A sincere and in love look is the most beautiful demonstration of the affection we dedicate every day to each other”.

:: “In love, everything is not roses and flowers, it is being patient even in moments when we are in a bad mood”.

:: “When you show me that you love me, the purity of your feeling illuminates the universe of my soul”.

:: “By your side my days are happy and serene, we spend unforgettable moments that remain as footprints in the soul”.

Show your partner that romanticism will always be the best way to maintain love and dedicate some of the cute love phrases you have just read in this article. Share the most beautiful love texts with your boyfriend or girlfriend, here you will always find what you look for. See you soon.

Sweet phrases of love for my girlfriend

There can be no love without romanticism and therefore it will always be a very nice gesture of your part if you dedicate beautiful love messages to your sweet half.

We know that if you are here it is because you are searching for original romantic phrases and we want you to know that you have made the best decision in choosing us because we have the best original love texts for free.

Read carefully the examples of romantic thoughts for your sweet half and choose the one you think your partner will love the most.

Romantic love messages with pictures for Her

:: “I love all the hugs that you give to me, because even if words can express our emotions, sometimes heartbeats can express so much more “.

:: “Your smile is the most beautiful expression that reflects your happiness when you are next to me”.

:: “Honey, do not lose your faith for anything in this world, you should be just as the stars that will never lose their light even in the dark.”

:: “Love, I’m happy because my heart fell in love with you and I feel like giving you an endless hug”.

:: “When we are surrounded by the passion of love we are radiant like the color of the sun”.

Looking for best love messages with pictures

:: “The most attractive thing of you is your great personality that makes you unique, and every day I feel more in love with you”.

:: “In your eyes I see the love and sincerity of a person who would be incapable of betraying me”.

:: “When we are angry your silence can be a cruel weapon that I fear even more than a word spoken in a moment of anger”.

:: “Your kisses and caresses are perfect and timely, they make me feel alive and with the world under my feet.”

:: “There is no greater satisfaction that having in front of me the person that I love the most in the whole world”.

:: “Honey, when you are not next to me I feel empty, you are necessary for my happiness”.

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:: “Our love is very strong and for that reason we are like souls who will love each other wherever we are”.

:: “Your hug is always my comfort zone and sometimes I feel that there is not another place where I should be but in your arms.”

:: “Honey, we should live every day fully because we do not know what the future can reserve for us”.

:: “The sincerity of my feelings is in my eyes and heart, there is no way I can pretend feeling another way, and I am lost without you”.

:: “We react differently to problems while one despairs the other gives encouragement and tranquility.”

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:: “Overcoming the difficulty and adversity of life will be easier because our love is founded on solid feelings.”

:: “Every day lived by your side is a blessing and a beautiful experience.”

:: “In the simplicity of the attentions that you have with me I see the greatness of your love for me”.

:: “I will always have a word for you in a difficult moment, and I will always have for you a big smile and hug when you feel down “.

:: “Your sweet gaze reaches my heart and shows me the desire you hide in your thoughts”.

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:: “Only a glance from you show me the way you want to lose yourself with me”.

:: “Continuous demonstrations of love give credibility and balance to our relationship”.

:: “In every detail you have with me you show me your true feelings”.

:: “For you I have poems that are not written or recited because they are composed of love silent gestures”.

:: “There are emotions that can be described with words but in our case it is enough to do it in silence”.

:: “Everything I give you, receive it as a gift of my heart and soul. I will always love you”.

Here you have many of the best love phrases that you can find so choose one and send it to your girlfriend. It will be appreciated if you share this website with your friends that also want to find nice love texts. See you soon!

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