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Everybody makes mistakes and we all learn from them. Nobody is perfect, but that does not mean we have to make mistakes constantly. If we do something wrong, we must ponder what happened and avoid repeating our mistake.

Thinking of all we have done is very useful to become aware of our behavior. There will be times when we fail but we do not realize it, and if we ignore it and do not reflect on the reasons for our mistakes, we will fail again over and over again.

Thinking is not only necessary to avoid old mistakes, but it also helps us see the consequences of our actions and be more sensible.

Facebook is a way for people to share their moods with phrases and thoughts that express their emotions. on some cases they express affection and love; on others, pain, betrayal, bleakness and reflection.

Here is a list of reflection statuses for Facebook. They will convey to your friends what you are currently living.

Free samples of reflection statuses for Facebook:

– “I am convinced I was wrong to leave you alone when you needed me. I am very sad and want you to forgive me. I have thought about it and I know I am the only one to blame for all that happened.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “Knowing I always hurt those close to me has always intrigued me. Now I know it happened because I was not thinking of what I was doing to them. I have changed my mind.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “I intend to be alone in my room to consider in what ways in need to change. I am committed to reflecting and not to repeat things that hurt you.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “I used to scare them away and I did not mind until it happened to you. I know I must reflect and change my behavior.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “Almost all people I have met have left me because I did not treat them well. I am convinced I must reflect and behave like people deserve it. From now on that is my commitment.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “If we do not realize we make mistakes and do not reflect upon it, we will never be happy.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “Life is too short for people to fulfill all their wishes, but we need to take a few minutes every day to reflect on our behavior.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “It is not responsible to go on thinking what we do has no consequences on others and it is wrong. There is always a consequence and we must reflect on it.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “Our objective should not only be earning money and being successful. The greatest goal is to share life with our loved ones. Think about it and you will see the world in a different way.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “The moment we break a commitment, we do not only disappoint people, but also we let ourselves down.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “I will take some time to ponder what I can and what I cannot do. Thus people who love me will not have false expectations about me.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

– “If you failed, reflect on it and you might find a way to solve it.”
Category :Reflection statuses for Facebook

We hope you like these reflection statuses for Facebook. Remember we can always reflect about our mistakes.

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