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Get Merry Christmas
Messages for Whatsapp & FBFind happy holidays & Merry Christmas Messenger text message.#ChristmasCardsForFriends,#ShortChristmasMessagesForFriends,#BestChristmasPhrasesForFriends,#MerryChristmasWishesForFriends,#MerryChristmasQuotesForFriends

What should I write in my friends Christmas card? ,What do you say to your friends at Christmas?.

The Christmas spirit is everywhere and social networks are no exception because they are full of beautiful Christmas and New Year dedications.

We know that you want to share with your loved ones some original Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages, that’s why we bring you this section thinking about your friends.

Start publishing on social networks some cute congratulation phrases for Christmas and New Year for your friends, so the good atmosphere of these Holidays will feel abundantly.

Best Merry Christmas wishes
and messages

:: “My friend, on this Christmas Eve I wish you immense happiness and May in the New Year prosperity comes to you. I send you a big hug!”.

:: “You are a little far away, but Christmas is everywhere; I greet you and express my best wishes for the coming year. I love you my friend!”.

:: “A very special greeting to you, my dear friend, May the Christmas spirit envelop you and May your dreams come true in the New Year”.

:: “Since we are at Christmas I want you to know that your friendship is one of the best gifts I have received. Thank you so much, Happy New Year!”.

:: “My heart is full of joy when I think of you. I appreciate you, my friend and I dedicate this greeting with my best wishes for this Christmas Eve and the coming Year”.Get Merry Christmas quotes for Whatsapp & FB.#ChristmasCardsForFriends,#ShortChristmasMessagesForFriends,#BestChristmasPhrasesForFriends,#MerryChristmasWishesForFriends,#MerryChristmasQuotesForFriends

Christmas greeting cards
for Whatsapp

:: “My friend, I wish you a wonderful Christmas and that the next 12 months you achieve everything you set your mind to. Congratulations!”.

:: “In this greeting not all the good wishes that I want to dedicate you fit. From the bottom of my heart I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and that you receive the New Year with optimism”.

:: “May the most beautiful gift you receive this Christmas be the fulfillment of your wishes during the New Year. I send this very special greeting to all my friends!”.

:: “Friendship is one of the most powerful forces in the world, so this Christmas and this New Year I want to send my congratulations and my gratitude to my friends”.

:: “Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to all my friends! May the magic of these Holidays fill our hearts with kindness, generosity and much love”.Short Merry Christmas wishes to friends and family on Whatsapp.#ChristmasCardsForFriends,#ShortChristmasMessagesForFriends,#BestChristmasPhrasesForFriends,#MerryChristmasWishesForFriends,#MerryChristmasQuotesForFriends

Original Merry Christmas status
for Instagram

:: “A Merry Christmas should bring that special touch that only friendship gives us, so this message is addressed to my friends to wish them thousands of congratulations and a prosperous year”.

:: “Let’s think for a moment about all the beautiful moments that our friendship left us during this year and celebrate them this Christmas. Congratulations!”.

:: “Friend, thank you for being my partner in the path of life during this year. I wish you have a wonderful Christmas and a unique New Year”.

:: “The sincerity of the friendship that you all offer really moves my heart this Christmas and fills me with hope in the New Year. I wish you Happy Holidays!”.

:: “This Christmas I want to congratulate all my friends and in the New Year I wish to have the opportunity to share many more moments with them”.Download magical Christmas love messages.#ChristmasCardsForFriends,#ShortChristmasMessagesForFriends,#BestChristmasPhrasesForFriends,#MerryChristmasWishesForFriends,#MerryChristmasQuotesForFriends

Best Whatsapp Christmas quotes
for friends

:: “I wish my friends a Merry Christmas full of magic, love and generosity and a beautiful New Year full of hope, surprises and many illusions”.

:: “Let’s discover all those reasons why we should feel grateful for the year that ends to celebrate a Merry Christmas and receive a Happy New Year”.

:: “My heart is with all my friends at these Holidays, no matter where they are in the world. I wish you many congratulations!”.

:: “Friends, let’s open the door of our hearts to the spirit of Christmas, enjoy our loved ones and receive a New Year full of prosperity. Congratulations!”.

:: “Upon receiving the baby Jesus, on this Christmas Eve, I will ask many blessings for my friends to live Happy Holidays full of peace, love and much joy”.

Short Christmas messages

:: “The world becomes a friendlier and more beautiful place when Christmas comes and fills us with hope in the future with the arrival of the New Year. I wish you my best wishes!”.

:: “Dear friend, your company has been very important throughout this year, that’s why I want to thank you and also wish you a lot of congratulations on these Holidays”.

:: “My good friend, my companion of endless adventures, this special greeting goes to you with a big hug and best wishes for you to have a Merry Christmas and an excellent New Year”.

You will wake up a lot of joy and enthusiasm with these beautiful Christmas and New Year greeting texts for your friends on social networks.

Continue with the End of Year’s Holidays celebrations sharing more beautiful Christmas and New Year dedications. We hope you return to this website soon.Wishing you a Merry Christmas darling Whatsapp messages.#ChristmasCardsForFriends,#ShortChristmasMessagesForFriends,#BestChristmasPhrasesForFriends,#MerryChristmasWishesForFriends,#MerryChristmasQuotesForFriends

Short Merry Christmas
wishes to friends

There are many traditions that take place during the End of Year’s Holidays and perhaps one of the most beautiful is to share original Christmas and New Year greetings with those you love most.

Without a doubt you will want to send cute Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dedications to your friends, so you have come to the right place, we bring you many good ideas that you will like.

Share the magic of Christmas and spread the festive spirit, through social networks, with the following original Christmas and New Year’s Eve messages for your friends.

Wishing you
a Merry Christmas darling
Whatsapp messages

:: “Friends, I wish you a Christmas full of love, gratitude and peace. May you be blessed and the year that is about to begin is better than you expect”.

:: “May the Christmas of our childhood live once more in our hearts so that hope allows us to receive the New Year with enthusiasm. Happy Holidays, my friends!”.

:: “May our hearts overflow with joy, love and generosity so that we may have a Merry Christmas and be worthy of living a prosperous New Year”.

:: “Friendship has given us great adventures this year and I know that the next one will bring us even more. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, dear friends!”.

:: “Friend, forgive me for the mistakes made and let me say thank you for every moment you have given me. I wish you congratulations on Christmas and New Year!”.

Find best Merry Christmas wishes

:: “I want to dedicate a very affectionate greeting to all my friends because I want this Christmas to bring them peace, love and happiness and in the New Year much prosperity”.

:: “Let’s celebrate a Merry Christmas, learn the valuable lessons that this year left us and receive the New Year with our recharged energies. Congratulations to everybody!”.

:: “May our best omen to welcome the New Year be more generous during Christmas. Happy Holidays, my good friends!”.

:: “Thank you for giving me your friendship every day and for accompanying me even in the most difficult moments. May you have a Merry Christmas and may our friendship continue in the New Year”.

:: “I want to take this moment to ask for your forgiveness because I value your friendship and because I wish you have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year”.

Find best Happy Christmas wishes
for my friends

:: “Thousands of hugs for my friends this Christmas and my best wishes for the New Year to bring us many successes and great blessings. I love you so much!”.

:: “I could not miss a very special greeting dedicated to my friends, those great people who throughout this year have accompanied me. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!”.

:: “For me, friendship is a valuable treasure, a great blessing that becomes the perfect Christmas gift. Friends, congratulations and a Happy New Year!”.

:: “My friend, you are a good person, so in addition to wishing you a Merry Christmas I wish all your plans and your dreams come true in the New Year”.

:: “Thank you for your friendship and I wish you a Merry Christmas from my heart my friend. I hope the New Year brings you many more joys”.

Merry Christmas greetings

for Instagram

:: “Fortune smiled at me this year because life has given me great friends with which I plan to spend a wonderful New Year. Happy Holidays, my friends!”.

:: “Destiny is unpredictable and over time it takes us to different places, but our friendship will always unite us. My friends, I send you this message wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

:: “The most beautiful of all Holidays has begun, that’s why I want to share my congratulations with my friends and also wish you a wonderful New Year”.

:: “My friends are all those people who have accompanied me at some point in my life and who with a smile have helped me get where I am. Happy Holidays to all!”.

:: “It would be beautiful to be able to meet with all my friends to celebrate Christmas and the New Year, but let me tell you that I carry you inside my heart and wish you thousands of congratulations”.Merry Christmas wishes for friends, family, & Whatsapp status.#ChristmasCardsForFriends,#ShortChristmasMessagesForFriends,#BestChristmasPhrasesForFriends,#MerryChristmasWishesForFriends,#MerryChristmasQuotesForFriends

Cute things to say to your friends
on Christmas

:: “What if we give the spirit of Christmas a chance to live in our hearts throughout the New Year? My best wishes to my friends at these Holidays”.

:: “I will ask God to give all of you a very beautiful Christmas and to bring thousands of blessings in the New Year. Happy Holidays, my friends!”.

:: “Hearts are filled with good feelings at Christmas and a lot of hope in the New Year. My friends, let’s keep all this happiness for the next 365 days”.

:: “Friends, let’s give the best feelings that inhabit our hearts to make this a Merry Christmas for all and for the New Year to bring us many good surprises”.

Friendships become stronger during these Holidays so don’t forget to share beautiful Christmas and New Year texts with your friends and visit us frequently so you can dedicate original congratulation greetings throughout the year.Cute Merry Christmas Whatsapp status images.#ChristmasCardsForFriends,#ShortChristmasMessagesForFriends,#BestChristmasPhrasesForFriends,#MerryChristmasWishesForFriends,#MerryChristmasQuotesForFriends

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