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In all the years the Palm devices have been on the market, technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds where there were two very competitive rivals in what was unimaginable to think an alliance between them. But this union was given and was one of the most outstanding ones, we are talking about the alliance between Windows and Palm, with strategic actions to achieve overall benefits.

Currently the Palm is known to possess Window systems, called Windows Mobile and they have acquired other multimedia applications, such as some collections that work exclusively on that version so the performance is much better.

Also, the Smartphones systems appeared (known as a hybrid phone and PDA), favoring the variety of applications compatible with wireless data transfer, such as Bluetooth, GPS, IrDA and Wi – Fi.

The latest release of the Palm, and a strong rival for the blackberry, is the new Treo Pro, a wireless equipment designed to manage messaging services and / or emails, it weighs approximately 133 grams, with a size of 60 x 114 x 14 mm, which makes it easier to transport and use. This device is classed as a good option in terms of mobile technologies with Internet access.

The Treo Pro is made with a dynamic QWERTY keyboard and it is also compatible with GPRS, HSDPA and Wi – Fi 802.11b / g. thus the network can connect from the workstation. It has a touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, it has an organizer synchronized with Microsoft Outlook’s e – mail, as well as implement programs to support Windows Mobile 6.1 from Microsoft and the Windows Office program compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. It also allows you to review compressed files in ZIP or PDF formats.

They have a 256 MB main memory with the possibility of expanding it with a 32 GB microSDHC memory, it also has a 128 MB RAM memory, a 2MP digital camera, 8X zoom and video capture, USB – compatible operating systems Windows Vista and XP .

There is another model in the Palm line called Palm PRE which was shown at the CES 2009 award festival where it won several awards at the presentation of its specifications and some advantages over other models. It’s similar to the iPhone and that is why it was frowned upon for some copies of the interface and design of the Apple team device. The Palm company has placed their interests in this new model since Apple has generally been exceeded several times by its closest competitors.

This computer has a touch screen of more than 3 inches, a 320 x 840 resolution screen, a 3 MP digital camera flash, USB sync input and an 8 GB memory, a QWERTY keyboard, Wi – Fi, HSDPA and GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation. Its operating system is webOS in which you can develop applications using programming languages, JavaScript, CSS or XHTML.

It has similar applications to the ones used iPhone, such as an accelerometer for navigation between Web pages and photographs, it also has a proximity sensor which is very useful when wanting to turn it on, lock it or simply turn it off when approaching the device to the ear, it also has a Palm compatibility accessory called touchstone, which can be used to charge the battery of the device by simply laying it in the charge device.


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