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Today many computers are purchased armed (or assembled) so the client does not know what is inside his or her computer or even how it works. Of course, this mystery is solved when you need to add a component to the CPU, to repair it, or simply because you have to add an actual device that will appear every period according to Moore’s Law.

It is very important to put the pieces that make up the CPU because in any moment you need to do maintenance, change some parts for newer ones, but for us to be able to do this, we must know some of components that are working together in our CPU and what do they do.

The processor is the most important part, because it is used for the implementation of programs in an optimal manner and with very good speed; currently there are many types of processors and some of them are even designed exclusively for certain unique work projects such as editing, modeling, multimedia, complex calculations, and so on.

There are two main brands, Intel and AMD, the first one is mainly based – according to some studies – in the optimal processing tasks and it spends a lot of energy; on the other hand, the AMD processor does not spend much energy but its processing level is clearly not as good as the one provided by Intel. Regarding the price, Intel tends to be more expensive than AMD, due to the characteristics explained above.

At the time of purchasing a new CPU, and according to today’s technology and the level of the new programs launched to the market, you should be acquiring, at least, a dual – core processor, in Intel you will be able to find it as dual core or core2duo and in AMD you will find it as the AMD 64×2.

Regarding the Case (the tin covering the CPU) it is important to choose a good model, especially one that has more ventilation, which will be great to prevent overheating in certain parts, and regarding the motherboard, the key is choosing a compatible Case, this case has been incorporating the source of power that normally line the 500 watts, enough power so they can work all the components that are connected to the CPU. It is recommended that the Case has USB inputs on the front to install the pen – drive comfortably, it’s also good to have headphone or microphone, tickets for the card reader, as well as CD – DVD readers, etc.

The motherboard is the area where all the pieces are installed; one of the most recognized brands is Asus or also a low cost brand such as Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI. Normally the plates come with a sound card, Ethernet card and video included, with enough slots for USB inputs and their respective entries for the mouse and keyboard that can vary if a USB or PS / 2, VGA input, the network port, etc..

After having the processor, you need to have a higher capacity hard drive to 240 GB of SATA 3 Seagate Barracuda brand. It also requires a RAM memory that will heavily depend on the operating system you use and the types of work that has been done with the computer.

It is usually necessary to run a normal 2GB heavy programs like AutoCAD or the latest video games, it is advisable to purchase a 3GB because the motherboard (the common one) contains two slots to insert 2 memories of 2GB each, so if will choose to buy 3GB and then want to increase to 4GB, you will have to buy a 2GB memory and dump the 1GB that would be superfluous. So it is best to buy RAM 2GB or 4GB.

It also requires a DVD player or if you prefer the latest technologies, you can always purchase a Blue Ray player, a card reader as Scandisk, SD, Mini – SD, etc. You can also opt for a wireless network card (Wi – Fi).

For video games lovers, it is necessary to have a bigger budget for all devices, such as processor, hard drive, DVD and RAM. But the most important thing here will definitely by the video card. Although, it comes with its own video card, you will prefer to buy a better one, because the latest generation video games require high – end graphics. Among the most popular ones you will find video cards from the brand Nvidia or ATI.

In Nvidia you will find models such as the Geforce 8XXX series or 9xxx in which the type of series, such as 9400 (number four), indicates that it has a low range level, which is not good for video games but is very helpful to design programs, as opposed to 9800 (the number “8”) is highly designed for high – resolution gaming.


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