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We are on the verge of celebrating Christmas so we have created the most beautiful Christmas dedications to send to your acquaintances, family or friends.

We hope that these Christmas phrases to share with your loved ones, are well received and carry the message you want to give to each of them, which emanates from the bottom of your heart.

Below we detail some cute Christmas messages to express on this precious day, in which the Child God comes to our homes to save us.

Send cute Christmas messages:

– “I am very happy to know that soon we will be close to celebrating Christmas Eve, where we will give each other a fraternal hug to happily wish us a Merry Christmas”.
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– “May this beautiful Christmas be a reason to unite the whole family and that peace and prosperity reign forever in your home. Merry Christmas for everyone. “
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– “May life grant you many more years, so you can share with all of us who love you a beautiful Christmas. In this year we wish that your presence be the one that unites us and gives us joy and perpetual happiness. Merry Christmas Grandma “.
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– “I send you the best wishes of happiness through this message because I hope that you would celebrate this important date thinking about our friendship and we both forgive the grudges that separated us at some point. Receive a hug and a Merry Christmas. “
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– “Life itself is what is responsible for giving opportunities to all people, hopefully this Christmas our only opportunity to be together is a well-deserved Christmas Eve, to embrace and share with family pleasant moments and unforgettable anecdotes. Merry Christmas family”.
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New cute Christmas SMS:

– “Through this message I want to send you a fraternal Christmas greeting, saying that peace and tranquility fill your home and that the child Jesus will fill you with blessings. Merry Christmas”.
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– “Christmas magic is round this Christmas Eve with the charms of the children that surround our birth, praising the Lord with their songs and carols. Receive a fraternal greeting and a deep hug on this beautiful day. Merry Christmas”.
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– “For this Christmas Eve I hope that joy is the protagonist, so that our hearts will be very happy when we receive the child God who is born at 12:00 midnight. Merry Christmas”.
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– “Dear friend, with all my heart I send you a Christmas message, hoping that all your wishes and your goals will be fulfilled with the help of the Child Jesus so that he may pour out blessings in your home. Merry Christmas”.
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We finish these precious Christmas phrases to send to family or friends in this important event of the year. Likewise, we wish that all those who receive a greeting from you will feel distressed and full of grace with the most beautiful Christmas texts to dedicate to those you most value.

The best free Christmas quotes

The most awaited night of the year is undoubtedly Christmas Eve, the date on which we celebrated the birth of the Baby Jesus, so we have created the finest Christmas messages to share with family and friends you most appreciate.

Thinking that we are soon to celebrate Christmas, we offer you in this article beautiful Christmas expressions so that you can send them your good friends or family.

Below you will find the most varied Christmas prayers to give with much affection, that feeling that your heart seizes on this blessed date like Christmas.

Beautiful Christmas Phrases:

– “How beautiful is Christmas for all families, so I hope I can go and greet you personally to give you a fraternal hug and fill you with many kisses on behalf of my family. Merry Christmas”.
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– “Many blessings for the most delicate, those who have the joy of being born on the same night that Jesus came into the world to save us with his love. Merry Christmas”.
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– “Christmas is about to come and it’s the perfect time to share with the needy and show the world that there is no distinction when there is the true love that the Child God gave us at birth. Merry Christmas for all friends. “
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– “Receive many blessings on this Christmas Eve, so that next to those who most esteem you, let us give the birth of the Child God, may your home be filled with his love and his blessing. Merry Christmas, a hug for everyone. “
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– “What a beautiful little tree has been armed for this reception of the Child Jesus that all the little lights radiate a shine and a thought of harmony and peace for each one of us and that the blessing of Jesus is always present in our hearts. Merry Christmas”.
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Download free Christmas phrases:

– “The joy of having a united family is the work of God, who blesses us with this Christmas that we are going to celebrate united in love and hope thanks to Jesus, for being so kind to us. I wish you all a Merry Christmas. “
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– “Thank God because we can all have the happiness of receiving another year as a family. Today I choose to share with the children singing beautiful Christmas songs to the baby Jesus. Greetings on this beautiful Christmas Eve. “
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– “You will receive many gifts and presents this Christmas, because you are a very supportive person and a great friend. We appreciate you so much, that’s why my wish is for you to be very happy next to those who love you the most. Merry Christmas, my friend. “
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– “My best and sincere wishes at Christmas so that the arrival of Jesus shelters their desolate hearts and hope and prosperity are daily bread.”
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We hope that you liked these wonderful Christmas phrases for family and close friends, because we have created them with much love and affection, in the same way, we invite you to use these short Christmas messages as proof of your true feelings towards the people that really make you happy.

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