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Whatsapp good night texts
for lovers

best cute good night phrases for friends
Searching for best cute Goodnight texts for Boyfriend , Goodnight my love messages , romantic Goodnight phrases for Whatsapp , what’s the best goodnight text for friends ? .

On this occasion we bring you a series of cute love texts to wish your boyfriend a very good night.

By sending him a detail as beautiful as this just before bedtime, you can be sure that you will be in his mind and in his thoughts until the next day. We invite you to choose as many as you want, give them your personal touch and share your favorites with him.Best good night text messages to make her fall in love with you

Goodnight love texts
for Boyfriend

:: “I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and I wish you a restful night and beautiful dreams. I adore you! Xoxo!”.
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:: “I will see you tomorrow, my love, and may all your dreams come true. I love you like you have no idea, and it will always be that way”.
Category :Goodnight love texts

:: “I think of you every moment of the day and, tonight, I wanted you to know that I would give everything to give you another goodnight kiss. I love you, my dear”.
Category :Goodnight love texts

:: “I like to thank heaven for having put you on my path, you are all I think about before I go to sleep. You are the most beautiful thing I have. Good night, my darling”.
Category :Goodnight love textsRomantic good night love messages to make her fall in love

Goodnight love messages
for Him

:: “I wish you a good night and may tomorrow be even better than today. Keep in mind how much I love you and that you are everything to me”.
Category :Goodnight love messages

:: “I am so happy to know that we are together and I would not trade myself for anyone in this life. Rest, sweetheart, see you tomorrow. Xoxo!”.
Category :Goodnight love messages

:: “I send you a thousand kisses on this divine night, hoping that you are about to sleep and that you are thinking of me now. Have a good rest, my love”.
Category :Goodnight love messages

:: “We live in a huge world and we were lucky to find each other, so let us make the most of this love we share. Good night, my dear”.
Category :Goodnight love messagesFree download good night love cards to share by Facebook

Romantic goodnight
love phrases

:: “When I think of you, I feel that something transports me to a beautiful universe, full of love and sweetness. Rest, my love”.
Category :Romantic goodnight love phrases

:: “I send you a big kiss on this beautiful night, wishing you to rest and recover, because tomorrow will be a great day, I love you!”.
Category :Romantic goodnight love phrases

:: “Try to close your eyes and leave behind any trace of stress or fatigue, so you can fully enjoy a nice night’s rest. I adore you”.
Category :Romantic goodnight love phrases

:: “Sometimes I feel afraid of falling asleep and that upon waking I see that ours has been a dream, but I know that this will never happen because we really love each other. See you tomorrow Prince”.
Category :Romantic goodnight love phrasesDownload cute good night Whatsapp love messages

Good night texts
for friends

:: “My friends, I wish that you have a peaceful rest and that tomorrow you wake up with much more energy so that you would keep fighting to reach your goals”.
Category :Goodnight texts for friends

:: “This day has come to an end and now it is time to go to rest. I wish you sweet dreams and may your guardian angel accompany you!”.
Category :Goodnight texts for friends

:: “Good evening to all of you, rest well, but before that do not forget to thank life for all the positive things that you have enjoyed today”.
Category :Goodnight texts for friends

:: “When the night comes we must try to relax so we can rest calmly and avoid the terrible insomnia. Goodnight!”.
Category :Goodnight texts for friendsLove pretty good night phrases to share by Messenger

Good night messages
for friends

:: “See you tomorrow, dear friends! Thank you for all the beautiful moments we shared today, I hope it would be repeated soon”.
Category :Goodnight messages for friends

:: “It’s time to disconnect from the world to give our body and our mind the rest they need. Have a peaceful rest!”.
Category :Goodnight messages for friends

:: “I know I’m not perfect, I make a lot of mistakes and sometimes I do not pay attention to it, so before I go to sleep I want to apologize if I hurt you in any way. Good night!”.
Category :Goodnight messages for friends

:: “At bedtime we just have to put aside the worries to be able to quickly reconcile the dream. Rest!”.
Category :Goodnight messages for friends

Your boyfriend or friend will feel incredibly blissful to receive so much love from you just before going to sleep, so do not wait any longer to choose your favorite messages and send him all your love. We will be bringing more and more content to the web, so come back here whenever you want.Love pretty good night phrases to share by Messenger

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