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wedding day, wedding day phrases, wedding day messages, wedding day poems, wedding day wordings, wedding day sayings, wedding text messagesBeautiful cute poems for congratulating your friends or loved ones on their wedding day

Soon your dear friends or perhaps a family member will get married, so you would like to send them a nice card to let them know how happy you are for them and to express your best wishes for the big step they are about to take. Here you will find several posts that will help you to express everything you feel in a very cute way, keep in mind that weddings are something very important that we cannot let pass without the proper celebration.

Making the decision to get married means being committed to being faithful and giving all that we are to another person, be encouraged to celebrate the occasion with the right message to do so.

Free samples of cute poems to send a friend on wedding’s day:

:: “You wish nothing than to start from scratch with that special someone, giving him or her everything you have and become one. Do not delay, do not wait further, give him or her your life, dare to love. I hope it goes well for you two together, because you are deserving of all the happiness in the world”.
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:: “The day arrived in which love came looking for you and it definitely came for staying for good. It is time for you to make a decision and open the doors of your heart. You deserve to be happy, feeling this is the best there is, so stop wasting your time and get ready to enjoy this moment. You are finally getting married and beginning a new life, be happy and be sure to never stop striving, because only then true happiness is achieved”.
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:: “We have gathered today to celebrate your marriage, I know that we will hear the sweetest songs of the earth. You are about to turn your life upside down and there is no better feeling, because the love you feel will give you everything you need from now on. I wish you the best at all times”.
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:: “Try to imagine how your days are spent in a paradise, where everything that is wrong and that you reject is kept away from you, where it cannot touch you. Not every moment will be easy, but if your mind is in that beautiful and dreamy place, you can always get over whatever it might be, I hope that your love will help us all as a sample and that it lasts forever. May your wedding be wonderful, so the life that awaits you shortly, it’s in your hands to do so”.
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:: “Definitely there is nothing more beautiful than waking up and see that by our side we have the person who we love the most on the face of the earth. It feels great to have the confidence of knowing that we can give ourselves completely and that we will not get hurt that is what marriage is all about. Shortly you will be moving forward together towards a common goal, congratulations on your new life, go for it”.
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:: “On this special day we will be celebrating your wedding and at dawn, when you wake up, you’ll see how good it feels to turn around and look to your side to find that being who has chosen you and whom you choose for the rest of your days. Try to make all your days start full of affection and love, from dawn to dusk and see how easy it is to be happy with that person that you love the most. I wish you all the best in this challenge you are about to take, I know how much you have struggled to get it and that no one deserves to be happy as much as you do. My best wishes are for you on this day”.
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These phrases and greetings are free to help you express your best wishes for such an important day as it is the marriage of someone dear to you. Keep in mind that nothing in the world can make this day to go unnoticed, because it represents a milestone in the life of every human being, so there will be for them nothing cuter than their loved ones expressing them how much they care and how happy they feel for them.

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wedding day, wedding day phrases, wedding day messages, wedding day poems, wedding day wordings, wedding day sayings, wedding text messages

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