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There are several people who are confused and believe that what they feel is true love, so they embark on a series of decisions that end up being harmful to them and which result on making them feel bad. When you have a partner, what brings you two together should be wonderful and deeper than something superficial as the looks. When love is real, there is understanding between the parties, you must be supportive, loving and so it will be possible to find all the happiness necessary to share a full life together.

However, the main problem is when both parties do not communicate properly and that is when misunderstandings begin, with the result that people feel uncomfortable and see that they believed to have perfection that does not exist. At these times it is common to see one or both to be unfaithful, stop caring about each other and stop caring about understanding, at that point the problems are unbearable and they can no longer live in harmony. With that in mind we’ve developed a series of phrases that can be used to express what you feel when the love you had left and you are left with nothing but a bad taste in your mouth and pain in your heart.

Samples of phrases to express your feelings:

:: “I find it very sad to realize that all we had was just a dream and that reality is completely different to what I imagined. The best thing now is for everyone to find their fate individually, only then we will be happy. I know that soon you will find what you want; I wish you nothing the best”.
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:: “I would like us to be honest with each other and that is why I am writing this. I thought we were equal and there was my mistake because I slowly began to realize how wrong I was. I apologize for my mistakes, but I have to go, you do not make me happy. I hope you do well and find what you are looking for”.
Category: couple relationship

:: “I find it hard to understand that I gave you everything and that even though I did so, you were able to betray my trust and my love. There is no possible consolation for what I feel, my disappointment is huge and I just want to erase from my memory the moment we met”.
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:: “I am very sad to see that we were living a lie. Whenever I asked you to be honest, to trust each other, but you opted for deception, for mockery and now I cannot stop feeling bad about what you did to me. I hope that time heals me and that it lets me learn to be happy again. I do not want anything bad for you, I just want to be away from you”.
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:: “Real love is built with a partner who is able to respect, love each other and trust each other. It’s sad but you did not have the ability to do so, I just cannot trust you anymore. I am sorry, but I prefer to be alone right now, I’m very hurt”.
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:: “Unfortunately we must fall apart from each other. It will not be easy to forget what we had, but I hope I can do so. I wish us to remain friends, I know you will be successful with your projects”.
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:: “Sometimes it’s not necessary to receive evidence of our mistakes, because what matters is what is in the soul of each person. You were wrong, and my problem was to think that you were otherwise. I will not ask you to be different; just understand that it’s over between us. It makes me sad, but it is the truth”.
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:: “No one is free of making a mistake, whether it is large or small. I know we have not been well lately, and that is why I am writing this message to you, because I’m willing to give you another chance if you think you are able to change and amend the problems we’ve had. Let’s try to forget the bad; what I feel for you is intact”.
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When someone disappoints us we often opt to move away and end the relationship. However, it is important to assess if there is the possibility of reconciliation. The best that one can do is to learn from our mistakes, move on and keep on going with our lives. We hope to see you again soon, good luck with everything!

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properly communication, honest relationship, true love messages, trust between partners, messages honest relationship, phrases open communication, messages express your feelings

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