Cute Regret Messages For Your Girlfriend

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Sometimes we cannot resist. When we are in a relationship we must be sincere, however for some people this is not always easy. If you’ve betrayed your girl and she knows it, offer your apologies to get her forgiveness. Show her that you feel really bad about what you’ve done and swear that will never happen again.

Then, we have listed some message of regret for being a cheater to your love. Review the list and choose the phrase which you feel identified and spend it to your girlfriend. You can send one of these messages through Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp for your girl to know you love her and for the relationship to be saved.

Free list of regret messages:

– “I am feeling very bad about the way I act. I should never betray you because you fully trusted on me. You know that you are the only woman I love and I pray you to forgive me. “
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– “Having cheated was the worst mistake of my life, I love you a lot and I’m happy with you. What I did was silly and I ask you to please give me a chance to show you that mean a lot to me. “
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– “I unleashed he passion and things happened without thinking. I’ve never loved someone like I love you. I do not love the girl. You’re the best that happened to me and please I am asking you to come back again because I feel sad without your love and I cannot live quietly. “
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– “I have betrayed you and I know that although your forgiveness it will be very difficult for you to trust me again. I promise I’ll do anything to recover your love. Just to think that I would never see you again my heart trembles. Please forgive me my love, I made a big mistake. “
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– “The only woman I love with all my heart is you. I admit I was wrong, but it was because we had discussed and had no very clear some things. But after this, I realize that you are the most important of my life. Do not deny me your forgiveness please. “
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– “I should never get entangled with that woman, I have been very selfish for not thinking about you. It was my fault and please I ask you to forgive me my love, I was born to love only you and many years of dating cannot come to anything. I will always love you. “
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– “I’m a coward for having behaved that way, I wanted to tell you but I knew it would hurt your heart. My love, please I want us to talk, things cannot continue. Forgive me, I beg you. “
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– “The love I feel for you can’t be compared to anything, I took the wrong decision to be with someone else, but I swear that I am very sorry. I assure you it won’ happen ever again. Forgive me, my love. “
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– “I admit that I have been a cheater, but it only happens once. My feelings for you are real, my love please give me your forgiveness. Give me the conditions you want but do not leave me. Gift me your smile for a quiet life. “
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We hope these messages of regret for being cheater to your love have been useful as a great help to you.

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