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It is normal that at the end of the day we are tired, exhausted from a long day full of assignments and responsibilities. What a better time to receive a nice goodnight text from our loved ones.

In this article we leave you with several examples of goodnight texts. Be sure to choose the ones you like most and customize them so that the people who receive it feel the warmth of your words.

Free examples of good night texts:

:: “I know you have had an endless day. But I know that you are able to face what you are going through. Just remember to take it slow, it is the only way to get it right. I hope you have nice dreams and wake up with a lot of courage to keep on going”.
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:: “A day without problems is not a full day, what matters is that we know how to face them and use them in our advantage. You are a pro solving any type of problems and that is why you can get home and rest. Tomorrow is another day and I am sure that you will achieve everything you set your mind to do”.
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:: “Work consumes you but this will be just a matter of time, the more you work hard you will see better results and end up in charge of something bigger. You will get far in life if you keep on this path to success. Now you get to relax, have a good night”.
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:: “Son, I see you as a responsible and serious adult that is trying to become a better person, putting all your effort into what you do. I am proud to see you succeed so fast. Get a good rest because you deserve it, tomorrow you can continue your way”.
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:: “My love, I hope you can get a good rest tonight as tomorrow you have a long day waiting for you. I know you will do just fine because you always try your best at all your assignments. I love you, you will see that things will go better than you expect”.
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:: “Dear friend, these nights up will not be forever, they will pay off in less time than you expect. You will see that you will be rewarded for everything you and tomorrow will be no exception. Dedicate yourself to rest as you should and you will see that everything will go well tomorrow. You have my complete moral support and all the confidence you need. You will do just fine”.
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:: “I know your routine is tough and that days go by flying. With more reason you should make the most out of them and try your best, just like you have been doing. Do not give up, you will see that you will have a good response in the near future. Sleep tight and get up in a good mood to work”.
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You will see that you will get a good feedback after sending goodnight texts. Surprise your friends or relatives with these texts, they will be received in a pleasant way. Come back soon for more texts for special occasions.

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