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Looking for Christian Happy Mother’s Day wordings ? Every day God grants great blessings upon us and we should all feel grateful for them, but there is a very special blessing, the very first blessing of all, and is that we were given life that has given to us by a wonderful woman who has taken us under her wing and she has given us the best to become good people; we are talking about our Mother.

On this Mother’s Day we want to share some Christian texts you can dedicate to your Mother with all your love, the great woman that the Lord chose to become your Mother.

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:: “Dear Mom, I want to thank you for all the great sacrifices you have done for me throughout my whole life and I ask God to bless you greatly because you deserve it. I wish you a happy Mother’s Day”.
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:: “Happy Mother’s Day! You have always taught me that we are the children of God and that we must be obedient in order to earn many blessings.

Thank you so much for being a true Christian Mother and for having brought me up with so much love and dedication”.
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:: “Every day I thank God for the great blessing that it is to have you in my life and I ask him to give you strength and good health for you to be with us for many more time because I want to have the opportunity to show you my gratitude and give you much joy, just like have done for me. Have a happy Mother’s day!”
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:: “Dear Mom, you are like one of God’s angels because your love knows no bounds and you have done even the impossible in order to give the best to my brothers and me.

I will be forever grateful to you and I want you to know how much I love you. I wish you all the very best on this Mother’s Day”.
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:: “Happy Mother’s Day! Dear Mom, you have not only given me all your love, but you have tried your best to give me the best and you have also taught me to be a true Christian and that is one of the things that I thank you for the most. May the Lord bless you”.
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Top  christian Mother’s Day wishes

:: “I remember fondly that when I was little, you taught me how to pray to the Lord and you taught me that we should always be thankful for the blessings he gives us.
You are a great Mother and I feel very blessed to have you in my life. I wish you a happy Mother’s day with all my heart”.
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:: “I feel so happy to celebrate this Mother’s day with you and have the chance to thank you for giving me life and for having devoted so much of your life to give me only the best.
May God bless you every day and I hope you get to fulfill your greatest desires. Happy Mother’s Day! ”
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Your mom will love to receive any of these Mother’s day Christian texts on her day because it will be a nice detail that will awaken a great joy in her heart. Be sure to come back to our site for many more Christian texts for every occasion.find best lovely Mother's Day greetings

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Mother’s Day phrases

Perhaps the love that matches the love that God feels for us is the one our Mother gives us every day because she loves us with all her strength, she desires the best for us and is able to make great sacrifices without expecting anything in return and simply seeing us happy and obedient to God’s laws it is enough to let her know that not everything she has done for us has not been in vain.

Wish him congratulations to your Mother giving her any of the messages Christians find below.

:: “ I owe everything I am to the Lord and to you, dear Mother; you have given me all your love and you have taught me to place God above everything I needed and above all have taught me to put God first. With all my gratitude and love I want to wish a happy Mother’s Day”.
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:: “God is so merciful that he has allowed me to reach this world through a wonderful woman who has always been by my side loving me and teaching me how to be a good person. Have a nice day Mother”.
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:: “Happy Mother’s Day! I will always thank you for all the love you have given me since I was in your belly. Having you as a Mother is a priceless gift and you have always strived to raise me up in the best way.
I pray the Lord they are innumerable blessings to send you”.
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:: “I wish you all the best because you’re the woman who brought me into this world and since childhood she has taught me to walk the path of God to make me worthy of many blessings. I love you very much, dear Mother”.
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:: “What a wonderful blessing it is to be by your side on this Mother’s Day and spend beautiful moments celebrating this important date.
You are the best mom in the whole world and I will always be proud of you because your life is a great example of what it means to be a true Christian. Congratulations!”
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:: “You are a unique and special woman and for me, your daughter, it is the most beautiful blessing that the Lord has given me.
I love you and I promise that I will always try my best to make you feel very proud of me. I wish you all the best, dear Mom!
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:: “I feel privileged to have you as my mom because you have taught me to be an honest person, to obey the commandments and to love God above all things.
Thank you for existing and for giving me the gift of life, I wish you a happy Mother’s Day”.
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Make this Mother’s Day memorable for your Mom, so buy a nice gift for her and greet her with any of these texts we have brought for you and show your gratitude and your love. See you in a next occasion with many more Christian messages.Get Happy Mother's Day, my treasure love wordings

Beautiful Christian
Mother’s Day messages

Mothers have been blessed by God with one of the greatest gifts; it is Motherhood, Mothers are characterized by the great love they feel and provide unconditionally to their children.

This Mother’s Day do not forget honor her and thank for all she has done for you. Show your appreciation to God for having blessed with a mom as special as you have been given and one way is through a Christian dedication.

In this section we bring you a beautiful compendium of Christian dedication phrases for your mom on her day, which you can send via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, or you can write on a note card and give it to her.

Do not forget that in this day we remember and celebrate to all Mothers, so we also need to extend your congratulations to those women who are Mothers and are important in your life.

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:: “You’re a Mother like no other because you have always given me your love and understanding and especially because you have shown me the path to follow since I was a child.
Thanks Mom is the greatest blessing that God has given me”.
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:: “God has greatly blessed my life; He has given a woman full of faith as a Mother who always follows the example of the Savior and His mandates. Congratulations on your day Mom, I love you”.
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:: “When I stop to think about the special Mother I have I realize the great love that God has for me as it has blessed me tremendously with a family who gave me their love and great example. Thanks for making me a good man. Have a happy Mother’s Day”.
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:: “As part of the plan of God, he blessed me to come into this world and gave me a wonderful Mother who has always known me her great love and taught me the laws of God. Have a happy day, dear Mother”.
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Happy Mom’s Day best Messenger greetings

What to write in a
Mother’s Day card phrases

:: “A virtuous woman is one who strives to provide their children with everything they need to be good people and true Christians.
Thanks Mom for your great faith in God, for your sacrifices and the love you have for us, your children. Congratulations on your day”.
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:: “Nothing is more pleasing to God to see that Mothers raise their children in righteousness by teaching them to put their trust in Him. Congratulations to all the Mothers in their day, that the Lord richly blesses you”.
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:: “In every moment of my life, you have shown me the great love you have for me and my brothers, so I ask God to bestow his blessings on you so you can have very good health and you can have many more years with us. Congratulations on your day Mom”.
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:: “I feel an enormous gratitude to the Lord for giving me the blessing of having such a wonderful Mother like you, who has always guided me in the gospel and has made me a Christian man.
Today I wish you a happy day and many blessings of God”.
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Dedicate one of these phrases to your mom and she will be very happy to receive them. Always remember to show your gratitude to God for the blessings and your mom for the enormous love she had give you and keep giving you.Get happy Mother's Day wishes quotes messages for Messenger

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