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Have you noticed from a while now, some changes in your boyfriend? Many women have this feeling after some time in the relationship, when things begin to get cooler. At first everything is very beautiful, however after some time begin to arise difficulties and that guy who was so special, now is very distant.

In this article we present a list of phrases that your boyfriend will appreciate. Share these messages using your Facebook Wall or Twitter or dedicate it through Whatsapp for him to realize that your love is immense.

Free list of nice love phrases:

– “Sometimes I feel that you are with me always, but I have tried to improve our relationship, it seems to be that you have no interest in me. Tell me if you have stopped loving me and avoid harm us. “
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– “When we started our relationship you do anything to see me happy, but now you just give away. I just want to ask you that if you no longer have interest in me, tell me once and for all. “
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– “I feel very disappointed with the way you are, where is that guy who surprised me with many details, looks like it’s someone else. I don’t want to suffer any longer so if you do not love me let me know. “
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– “To conquer my heart you did many things, but now that you have me you just take me for granted and don’t value me. I want you to know that it hurts me you to treat me that way because I really I love you. “
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– “I do not know what to do to get back to the way it was and I have some consideration, sometimes gives the impression that you’re tired of me and you do not care about us. I just have to say that I hope your answer whatever it is. “
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– “At the beginning it was like our great love story, but apparently it all came to an end. Gradually you’ve gone away from me and sometimes spend several days without calling me. In the name of love there was between us I ask you to tell me what happens to your feelings. “
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– “You’re my boyfriend and I know you a lot, but this time I do not know what’s going on with you. I thought you loved me, but now I have my doubts. Sorry to tell you but I’m not willing to continue with this. Do something if you love me. “
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– “Many times I have shown you that my feelings for you are real. I would like to continue our relationship but I think it makes sense not to force things, if you really do not love me I want you to tell me. “
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– “Seeing that you have changed so much all I can think is that ever loved me like you said. It’s a sad feeling that you did not know love tap I gave you. I do not know what to expect from you. “
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– “You told me that every day you felt more love for me, but apparently it was not true. Your indifference is doing me much harm. Be honest with me and tell me if you do not want to know me, but do not let me please with uncertainty.”
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These phrases will make your boyfriend to like you and we have you to like them also. Dedicate the one you prefer your boyfriend to realize you’re about to lose your love.

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