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Each one of us has among all our friends, someone we consider our best friend. That friend is special because we can trust him (her) and in many occasions has shown he/she really appreciates you.

That best friend is someone who is by our side at all times, someone we can talk about what happens to us, someone who understands and does not judge. On this day we can post on the Facebook account of your friend a nice message that expresses the love we have.

In this article we present a list of thoughts about friendship for Facebook. Share them so everyone get to know how lucky and special you feel for having such a great friend.

Free list of friendship messages for your facebook:

– “A friend is someone with whom you spend very funny moments, but a good friend is someone who accompanies you in every moment of your life. Give me like if you have a friend who is always with you. “
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– “If at any time someone accuse you for something, your true friends will be by your side and will defend you, because that means friendship.”
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– “Put like if you have a friend who is by your side in all circumstances and know you can always count on his help for anything.”
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– “Your best friend will be willing to give his help without you even ask, because he considers you a very important friend and will always be watching over you.”
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– “A true friend is not someone who lends you money, neither who takes you to party, a true friend is one who motivates you to be better and makes you look your mistakes to correct them. Gallery Post this message on your wall if you have a friend like that. “
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– “Some friendships last only for a time, but a sincere friendship lasts a lifetime and although both are far physically, friendship never ends.”
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– “A good friend can get from one point to another, but never leave your side because when a friendship is true nothing can destroy it.”
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– “Best friends share beautiful moments, similar tastes but never will be sharing the same girl, because a true friend respects the other’s girlfriend.”
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– “Not all your friends will lend their support when you need them, in those difficult times you will realize who really appreciate you.”
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– “Your best friend is someone who knows a lot about you, she knows who you love, you know the ugly things that have passed by, but never tell that to other people.”
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– “The problems are easier to deal when we have by our side a good friend who gives us their unconditional support.”
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We hope that these thoughts about friendship for Facebook have been to your liking. Your friends will give you many likes and leave many comments. Make them realize and analyze what a true friendship means.

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