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Some people feel they are in love, yet they do not know how or when to express the feelings they have. To make that special someone know how you feel you should be spontaneous and harness all the right time, but if you want your loved ones to find out you are in love, then express your feelings of love through your Facebook wall.

You can also post some nice words on your guy wall that calls his attention, you should be very romantic so you can write that next to his side you feel very happy, plus you have to ask him to let you show him your love. In this article we present a list of romantic phrases to declare through Facebook.

Free list of nice love messages for facebook:

– “I want to tell you I never thought I could be in love with someone as beautiful as you, from the first moment I discovered your beauty, I could not stop thinking about you. I am so in love with you and I want you to let me gain your heart. “
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– ” We barely know in a few weeks and I feel you are the most important person in my life, I feel very attracted to you and I promise you if you give me an opportunity to not let you down. “
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– “I will not remain silent; the love I feel for you is wonderful so I ask you to give me a chance to prove I can make you very happy.”
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– ” I know that in destiny is written that you and I have to be together, I love you like never imagined and I just want to say that I am dying to be with you. “
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– ” I would love to kiss your lips again and again and hold you so tight that you cannot let go , I am in love with you and I would be the master of your heart. “
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– “I have decided to write this message to declare the great love I have for you, little by little I have been falling in love with you without realizing it and now I need you in my life to be happy. “
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– “All this time I have been hiding my true feelings, I want you to know that I have fallen for you, every time I see you my heart is glad. Give me a chance to prove how much I love you. “
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– “The friendship we have is so beautiful that I did not want to risk it, but I cannot hide it any longer and I want you to know that I like you and want to be the master of your heart. Do you accept to be my girlfriend? “
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– “I am so in love with you, because you are a very happy girl, beautiful, and when I am with you I can feel an enormous happiness. Give me a chance and you will not regret. “
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– “Every time I sleep you are present in my dreams and when I wake up I cannot get you out of my thoughts, do you want to be with me?
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These romantic quotes to express your true love feelings through Facebook are very special. Dedicate them to that special person and you will see an opportunity.

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