Excellent New Year Messages To Send By Whatsapp

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Being communicated is simpler every day with the application for Smartphones Whatsapp messenger. This app can be downloaded by internet in any mobile which has the system operative Android and we can send for free messages in real time to other mobiles which have this application.

If before you had to use your credit to send a SMS, now this is past. You can keep communicated with your friends and send them many messages of the new year simultaneously. Next we will show you a list with reflections in Whatsapp for the new year. Take a look and choose what you like the most.

Free list of nice whatsapp messages for New Year:

– “I hope this last day of the year be full of much enthusiasm and you feel very happy for welcoming the 2014. I wish you much success, I love you much.”
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– “At the ending of a year we think about all the good and bad that have happened to us, lets thanks for all the positive and in this new year the joys get multiplied. Spend a beautiful New Year!”
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– “Make your live has a mission and every day fight to get your dreams because it will make you feel very happy and will motivate you to strive always. I wish you much success and happiness; I hope the 2014 be the best year of your life.”
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– “Time doesn’t stops and we either must do it. Every day we must to seize to make all those things that we want true. I hope the arrival of a new year brings you much happiness and hope to your lives!”
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– “Let’s celebrate that has arrive a new year and lets fill with optimism our thoughts. The pains and sadness leave behind and we keep moving aiming our dreams. I wish to all my loved ones much happiness!”
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– “Every year that passes is not in vain, even we thought that wasn’t good always will leave lessons for us. Start a new year without afraid and go through the adventure for make your dreams come true. Happy 2014!”
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– “I hope in the 2014 the happiness and the luck be with us, I hope our homes be full of much harmony and we get many achievements. From the deepest of my heart I hope the 2014 be one of the best years of your lives. Congratulations!”
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– “All of your loved ones feel proud of you if you keep striving every day because seeing you happy is something special. I ask God bless you and always enlighten your road. Happy and prosperous 2014!”
Category :new year messages for whatsapp

– “A new period begins in our lives. Will come very special moments and also will be complicated days, but with good attitude and optimism we could continue always forward. I wish you much happiness in 2014!”
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These reflections in Whatsapp for the New Year will be for the liking of your friends. Dedicate them some of these messages to spend a nice New Year.

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