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Having optimism and never get tired of fight is something that will make us very happy. The positive attitude that we feel at receiving a new year also must be present every day of our life, because every new dawn brings beautiful things that we only can see if we have hope.

Before of ending the year, tell to your friends all the good that in the New Year can happen and express them your affection and good wishes to the bliss and fortune be with them always. Dedicate these phrases of optimism to say goodbye the year by your Facebook account, Twitter or Whatsapp to all the people you appreciate for this year all of them have much success.

Free list of nice New Year thoughts:

– “Let’s discard all the bad that happened to us in this year and in our minds only have desires of fulfilling all the objective that we have proposed. Never doubt of ourselves and keep moving forward with optimism always. Happiness to all in the 2014!”
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– “Why lose the time thinking about all the hard things that happened to us. Better is that our thoughts focus in the future and all that we want to get. I know that with strive and perseverance all can be reached. I wish you much happiness in this new year!”
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– “The past in not here, we only have the present. Let’s enjoy each one of the 365 days that will come. I ask God bless us and enlighten your road to fulfill all you objectives. Much happiness!”
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– “For more negatives that seem some years, remember that always left us lessons. I wish that you rescue all the good of this year and in the next all be wonderful for you. I wish you much happiness.”
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– “In this year many aspects of our lives can change, but only depends on us. We can change the lonely for company, cry for laughs, and pain for joys. Let’s have an optimistic attitude always to make the 2014 a great year.”
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– “Another year is about to end, and even it wasn’t like someone wanted, for others was wonderful. Only depends in the meaning of we give to it. I hope that in the 2014 we see the positive side of all and never stop to smile. Many joys!”
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– “A new year begins and is the beginning of a new period to make some positive changes. I hope that every day we strive and never give up, are the sincere wishes from the deepest of my heart. I love you much friends!”
Category :New Year thoughts

– “This year all be better than you expect if you always keep a positive attitude and don’t feel yourself defeated in front of the adversities. Have a happy and prosperous 2014!”
Category :New Year thoughts

– “Happiness is at the reach of everyone. I hope that every day we awake with enthusiasm and animus. I wish you much success in this new year!”
Category :New Year thoughts

We wish that these phrases of optimism to say goodbye the year have been to your liking and dedicate them to the people you love the most.

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